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  1. A trustworthy seller. The Eotech arrived quickly and as described. Thanks!

  2. crusader4x

    M14 Picture Thread

    I just finished scanning this whole thread and there are some really nice M14s here. I'm defintely NOT a fan of the EBRs though. Fugly IMO. I would love to see a Troy MCS kit w/ Magpul stock though... Now that I've purchased my P90 (ducking and covering), I can join the "Brotherhood" in a couple of weeks. I'm heavily leaning towards the CYMA M14 SOC16 in OD (switched from black) but hesitate now that I've seen some of the DMR conversions. Has anybody dropped a SOC16 into the G&P DMR conversion kit? Any pics? Will it look weird with a short barrel? I will be adding the suppressor from my P90 TR to my SOC 16/DMR (P90s look horrible with suppressors). Will this help the look? edit: horrible grammar.

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