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  1. What can I say? Pretty much everything they advertise it true. They're really light, and really comfortable. I managed to get them out on a 10 mile ruck march, in the rain and mud (obviously), and my feet didn't mind one bit. They certainly wont keep your feet dry if you step in anything deeper than the sole though, but they're not supposed too. As for the fit, it's the same as your regular Reebok, or Nike; but a little wider than normal in the forefoot area. Felt a little weird at first, but no problem after a couple days. My only complaint is that the edge of one of the little rubber climbin
  2. I rather enjoy this one. *snip* Gave away my position! Here's a different one
  3. Some of them, I cant tell how many, are wearing Ranger Body armor.
  4. Anybody seen these yet? http://www.uscav.com/Productinfo.aspx?prod...1&CatID=377 Do want.
  5. Never been a fan of solid stocks on an MP5, but I like the flashlight grip.
  6. I tried both, neither seem to work.
  7. @MrManiac I'll give it a try, thanks.
  8. I don't think anything's missing. Should the gold and chrome pieces be screwed together tightly? and if it is the o ring how would I fix it?
  9. I got a bit of a problem with my army MEU mag. It's leaking like crazy. I get about a second of fill and then all the propane shoots out in a big cloud from the valve. I tightened it but that didn't seem to help any. So if anyone knows whats up I'd appreciate it if you gave me some feedback.
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