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    HFC-desert eagle (blk),Marui Scorpion VZ.61,Marui spas 12,Marui VSR 10,Marui glock 18C (AEP),KWC Deluxe Sigma S&W 40F silencer Version,marushin superblackhawk maxi HW,
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  1. brooklyn

    KWC Sigma S&W40F (CO2)

    Here are a few pics my "sigma S&W 40F CO2 version" or as I call it my "CO2 gun" this is a very very cool airsoft gun,it's very entertaining to shoot,the blowback is strong ,you can get about 3 magazines out of a single CO2 cartridge. this pistol is not for airsoft skirmishing what so ever ,way way to power full. But all in all it's a grate gun. (I know most of the pics suck and you'll jus have to wait till I can take better ones)
  2. brooklyn

    What's your backup?

    marushin super redhalk 10.5 in 8MM HW

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