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  1. Now that sounds like a plan, cheers
  2. It's cruel to let them live. I would do it for nowt, it's a vile disease, and not nice to watch a rabbit suffer with it, but fear I'm too far away...
  3. You can't guarantee a clean kill with a vehicle, but myxy is a horrible disease that shouldn't have been introduced. I remember clipping a bunny with my car on the way home one night, so I got out to check, and finish it it needed (I always do). I picked it up, and skin came off it while it was twitching, so I chopped its neck... And the thing exploded on me! Ruined a £150 shirt, covered in blood and fur...
  4. Surely all razors are 'cutthroat' though? They cut throat hair!
  5. That's what I meant by sporting, if you're hunting it, it deserves a clean, quick kill.
  6. Don't shoot any animals with airsoft guns. It's not sporting. They (the guns) aren't designed for it.
  7. You'll get in trouble again fireknife... Renegade, I know the procedures, I had wanted a cutthroat for ages, it's just knowing how sharp it is, and then sticking it against my neck, well... It turns me into a girly girlpants who wants to run away and hide from it!
  8. Nothing more dangerous than a blunt knife.
  9. A sock. And nothing else?!! Gunmane, simple fix. Knock the walls down to let the dogs at the rodents. Call insurance company and blame damage on the storm!
  10. I'd say I'm good at sharpening a knife, and can get mine literally razor sharp. However, I too have a cutthroat razor, and the first time I opened it, it bit me. Thats a rarity in itself, as im very careful with blades It's scary sharp, and I haven't had the balls to put it anywhere near my face yet.
  11. Or when you run out of bog roll, and have to do 'the hobble'...!
  12. My dad worked in a paper factory. It blew away. I figured it was something like that, but couldn't resist a cheap shot!
  13. Any excuse to chuck out another pic of a revolver
  14. Not... A whole sheet of paper? Hard hat territory indeed. Could have had his head chopped off from a paper cut...!
  15. Ah! I thought it was a fancy new blue recycling bin... Just kidding. Wish I had the cashish to drop on a bike...
  16. Fast thinking got you out of it though. Are you Jason Bourne?
  17. You got self defence classes at school? Awesome.
  18. Please do! How polished? Mirror? Been tempted to try myself on something. My Byrd tern may be the test victim...
  19. Ah well, just stuck my night vision up on there (and here and ukaz!) I'm expecting to get offers of 50p so a 13 year old can put it on his 1337 sniporz two tone M4
  20. What for? Literally just signed up there in preparation to sell my tat, err, airsoft gear to, from what I can gather, a bunch of idiots. But it's increasing my market
  21. Ha! The wedding is actually very cheap. She has been married before, so doesn't want the whole massive extravagance as its already been done. The house on the other hand is a stretch, as it's a fantastic opportunity. It's big, and cheap for what it is as it needs tons of work, but will be worth it, as I can do most, if not all of it myself. Next door is on the market for £90,000 more than we paid for ours, and we won't need to spend a third of that to get it to a better standard... Priorities. I think I'll keep my VSR and related kit, and sell the rest, and dip my toe in from time
  22. Berettas fit me like a glove. Tried a 525 in the shop the other day, and have tried them before. They just don't fit. Mike, real shotguns that size are naughty over here...
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