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  1. That's really good to hear, especially after all the recent press And, well, all press in general I guess!
  2. Ha! A mate has first refusal on the shotty, but it's a beretta silver pigeon, choked 1/4 and 1/2, 30" barrels. Barely run in, probably had 1500 shells through it, tops... Edit, silver pigeon 1
  3. My gripe? I may have to dump all my airsoft gear to pay for my wedding, and new house purchase. Edit, and my shotgun (real) too. And night vision, air rifle etc...
  4. I'm neither a farmer, or a toff, and I got one, legally, in a month. Took exactly 30 days from sending off the application to my ticket landing on my hallway floor. I bought one the very next day, a Saturday!
  5. I like it! I didn't picture my machete, it's in the garage, but it's a gerber gator, the big one. It came blunt, so I reprofiled it, and now it can really *fruitcage* *suitcase* up...
  6. It looks better, and therefore makes you tactical and special-forces like. Hence me buying a MUT in BO...
  7. Cheers. Shame. Not to doubt you, but I think I'll still go and watch it though.
  8. Wha....? Why (no spoilers please).
  9. Tink, I got mine from here if that helps. A bit better exchange rate at the moment!
  10. I wish you hadn't told me about those... I would love a set of decent chefs knives
  11. Ah. I bet that hurt on a pricey knife...
  12. Nothing to see, move along.
  13. £60? Jesus, buy it now! £100 odd is bloody cheap too... Edit, Alice, how do you over sharpen a knife? Have you *fruitcage*ed the bevel angle up?
  14. The Higo was from eBay.com, not .co.uk obviously. Did a bit of searching and that was the best price (direct from Japan in dollars). The card sharp was from a site called dealtastic I think, I saw a link somewhere and got it. It is disappointing really. If it was sturdier plastic, it would be good. Not legal carry though, as you say. The MUT I got from amazon, £150 delivered, as they were £180 on heinnies at the time, but they have dropped the price there now, £170 ish I think. Still more, but mine took around a month to get, as it was a 'UK' seller, who bought in from the US, and di
  15. New rant, the golf open. It's in lytham st Anne's. Which doesn't exist, it's just st Anne's. I live in lytham, 15 minutes away, yet they have closed roads going out, to prioritise traffic coming in. Also, there are police bikes at traffic lights, stopping traffic on green to let inbound traffic through. INTO A TOWN WHERE THE GOLF ISN'T! It's *suitcase*, and a 20 minute journey has taken me 45. I blame George clooney.
  16. My bunch of pig stickers, as I keep banging on in here, and it's a picture thread! Top to bottom A fixed blade buck I got years ago. My general camp knife. Takes a good edge, and is as strong as anything. No idea what the steel is. Ontario RAT-1. Again, a general camp knife. I wanted the serrations for cordage etc. good knife for the price Kershaw select fire. My work knife (hence the filth on it). Heavy for what it is, but really handy having screwdriver bits to hand when up a ladder, scaffolding etc for unexpected stuff! My EDC knives Top to bottom Higo nokami
  17. Saw you'd gone for a bit, didn't know why. I'll try and stop setting up easy innuendos for you
  18. Bloody hell, that sums it up perfectly really!
  19. Yep, I had one in my truck, was £780 all in... I can do pads/discs, oil, filters, exhaust brackets () etc, but don't have the time or facilities to drop a gearbox.
  20. Or, anything you like (legal mind, no balisongs etc) as long as you have a good reason for it! I carry a locking blade at work, and a leatherman with locking blades too, but only for work
  21. I dream of £180 for a clutch...
  22. In fairness, some spaces are too short. I park in one, I back in, and line my 'nose' up wit the line, but sometimes find my back end hangs out (ooh-err!) into the other space. I have also parked down the centre line of 2 spaces next to each other... Why? I drive a pick up truck (and use it as such, not a Chelsea tractor), and it doesn't always fit. The parking in the middle of 2 spaces thing is because I am sick to death of parking properly, which seems a rare thing nowadays, and having some utter bell end open a door into my car because the supermarket made the spaces smaller to s
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