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  1. I really like this. I've never seen anyone get cut up at the petrol station, but as I drive a truck or van, if it happened to me, I'm sure the cock end in question would have a couple of more dents/stripes down the side of their penis extension... But I appreciate your mem may not want to do that!
  2. I get a problem sometimes with IOS. When I click view new content, it sometimes takes me to a list of the latest members who have joined. Not a lot, and another click takes me where it should. Happens both on iPhone and iPad, latest OS.
  3. They read arnies, and are solely doing it to wind you up. I read on a Polish workmans' forum that they are only working there to wind you up, the job doesn't even need doing.
  4. Pah! Apple am the best! Sorry, I don't think that really, it's just a standard response
  5. Ha! Tricked you. I'm not asleep.
  6. Yes... Beard... Wait, how do you know I have a beard? Stalker. Still, lovely work wih that shotty, that pic looks ace!
  7. Only if liberally applied inside and out, and then lit...
  8. "Those Polish folk, coming over here and taking our summers..."
  9. "my, that's a big tool..." etc
  10. I appear to not be able to proof read! Choccy bars.
  11. Me too, I've spent hundreds there...
  12. I was eyeing up the squeak when buying the tern... Heinnie Haynes has a lot to answer for!
  13. I carry a couple of chicly bars in mine too, and a few bits from a ratpack
  14. Always keep some in the freezer, pre-divided beforehand to save trying to pry 6 rashers apart and nearly taking a thumb off when it's frozen! Rant today? Vodafone. When I got my iPad, I was told in currys (pc world? I forget...) if my iPhone contract supported a personal hotspot feature, I could browse on the tablet through my phone. A quick call to Vodafone confirmed this, and I specifically asked if I would be charged, or would it just use my mobile data allowance. Call centre monkey said its all good. Im happy, as I'm on unlimited data. Got my bill, and have been charged £5 per 500
  15. Ha! It's hard for me to drop the hammer on something like a ZT, as it's not something I could legally carry all the time over here, so it would be sat around at home most of the time feeling all sullen and depressed, and getting all alpha-male around my SAK...!
  16. I'm not an apple fanboi, I got my iPhone cos it was a free upgrade and I was willing I test the hype. I've not jail broken it, I don't think I need to. I don't have any music on it... Shock! Why get an iPhone if you don't listen to music? I wanted a user-friendly smartphone, and that's what it does well. Next upgrade will be another android though if apple go the way of the rumours an change the plug socket on the phone.
  17. Cheers! It's a bit more simplefor me/us. She has been married before, so has most of that out of her system. Factor in that we are in our early 30's, just bought a house that needs a ton of cash throwing at it, we are going for a quick, simple wedding. We are looking at the end of this year. As long as we have family and close friends at the wedding/breakfast, and a decent sized venue for everyone to get shitfaced at night (which is the only reason most of the guests go!) we will be happy. We want kids, but I want to be married before we start trying. I know that means nothing to s
  18. The microns look cool, but are pretty useless for edc. Mine won't take a decent edge either. The Byrd tern is good though, got one recently. I alternate between that and a SAK, but have just ordered a higonokami to try out too
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