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  1. Sounds good. What's his name? Me, not having a knee infection any more, (pice in request, but they ming. You have been warned), and spending they evening with my girlie. Been together a year, and booking the same restaurant, with the same table as our first date went down rather well! On top of that, my clay shooting is getting beyond awesome, my puppy is still ace, and life in general is pretty good. My close family is rather *fruitcage*ed, but my personal life is going great guns!
  2. Unlucky scorch! I too hear gas ones are hopeless... Just just need a bigger rucksack. With a petrol genny in it.
  3. Cheers CK, they were just some quick and dirty snaps to get it out there As for the optic, I've just replied to a pm asking the same, so cut-and-paste ahoy! Its an awesome scope. Well on a level with traditional gen 2, I've got a couple of vids up on YouTube of me using it in a night game on a VSR. Err, I can't seem to link to it on my phone. But if you search for 'digital sniping', you should get 3 vids from me (lukeybaby45). They aren't the best at all, I'd only had the rifle a couple of hours, and was the first time using the scope in anger, so it was more of an experiment!
  4. Fair enough! I am wondering about how you managed to hit your face with a soldering iron though. What happened?
  5. My turn! My M14 'nightstalker' A Cyma M14 socom, mounted onto a JAE stock. Front and rear sights removed, silencer (which does make a noticeable difference), and a pulsar N550 digital night sight. Please excuse the crappy phone pics, I don't have a camera, and my photography skills are poor at best!
  6. I'd call that done I bet it's an unwieldy beast with full length barrel and a silencer though!
  7. I saw the advert for the new kitkats, and wondered what the peanut butter tasted like... I shall pop to the shop tomorrow for a little chocolaty adventure!
  8. Lop them out, flog them on the black market, use funds for airsoft goodies. Dialysis is free
  9. That's crazy! I hate running, but seriously well done! Making me happy tonight was spending the day with my awesome, truly awesome girlfriend, first walking the dog this afternoon around where I grew up, then getting home, chilling and then cooking a beast of a meal for her using the fresh duck breast and half a bottle of port for the sauce. It may sound soppy, but we had an ace romantic meal together while the puppy crashed out, using food I had sourced myself, and I have a huge *suitcase*-eating grin on my face!
  10. It just gets cooler! I truly love that shotgun heroshark
  11. ^ I do that at least 3 times a year...!
  12. Coming downstairs this morning and seeing my puppy just playing and being a mong, sees me and pads over to talk. (not real talk... But she does come up to you and yips/squeaks/whines when you speak to her), she's a he'll of a character and makes me giggle all the time
  14. Sticking with the OT, is your friends' dad an instructor with the cadets? Was chatting to a mate of mine yesterday, who said his boss has one, and I'm guessing the are quite rare
  15. Well, I can be delusional, but I'm neither short nor fat. Saved by genetics, yay science!
  16. latest version of IE, but ive added arnies under the 'compatibility view' thingy, and it sorted now (unless you did something too?) anywho, i know its old, but im a dinosaur with computers, and fear change! thanks for taking the time to do all this though
  17. the formatting is all over the place on XP, some icons not showing up, status updates down at the bottom left of the page, not top right as before, and other issues too
  18. Cheers for that, I would be going the other route as a dmr if I got one... Good to know thanks
  19. What's the accuracy like at that range please?
  20. Typewriter: he will mod anything. Even arnies forums!
  21. Cos Americans change everything to make it better
  22. It's because you posted this in the AEG review forum...
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