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  1. Also, pelican cases weigh a *bramston pickle* ton when you have to lug them any distance!
  2. Dammit! I love, truly love sniping. I've got a pimped bolty L96, an M14, and an M4, which hasn't been used for 2 years cos I love the long range hits, and a couple of sidearms and a shotty... I really thought I need never buy another RIF until mine wore out, and this may just convince me different you bugger!!!
  3. Cheers! Sorely tempted to be honest, your review hasn't helped me say no...!
  4. Nice job! How many rounds do the mags hold, and roughly how many shots per fill please? Cheers
  5. It gives you quicker access to spare ammo, as it's stored in the buttstock, instead of having to rummage around in pouches or pockets after your sidesaddle runs out! Do they take airsoft ammo though? I've never compared it to real steel... I should do, as I have boxes of both lying around, just not got round to it!
  6. For mocking my rural habitation, I shall -1 you, ha!* Slow interwebs aside, it's ace. I don't really need mega high speed web, I only really surf, don't download much at all. And to compensate, I get to play with all sorts of cool real steel guns on friends land only a couple of minutes away, including my new shiny and awesome semi-automatic shotgun! *only kidding, it ain't me
  7. 100 meg? Jesus... My last house in the country peakek at 1.9, and my new place in a small town I thought was all whizzy at 5.5... Don't let fireknife near those lines, imagine the amount of grot he will get his mitts on! As for heartburn, go formprescription omeprazole, it's stops it completely!
  8. cheers. the thing is, my ex is fine, we are still friends to some extent. the only thing getting me through at the moment is that i will be rid of it all in a couple of days
  9. rant: im moving out of my house on saturday, been living with the ex until we sorted things out. (strange, but we get on ok...). she is buying me out. her parents are being *suitcasey* with me now, when they have nothing to do with the situation (amicable break up really, even though she dumped me), and ive been totally civil with everyone, biting my tongue on several occasions. even when her father came round last night knowing only i was in, telling me to get my act together and basically f**k off out of his daughters' life... i was truly fizzing with rage. ive never felt anger l
  10. you guys are doing a sterling job about everything regarding the smooth runing of the forum, apologies if i sounded like i was whinging about being off here for a few hours like a petulent child, that wasnt the case. was just wondering what was going on, and im sure we all appreciate the effort everyone* puts into the runing of this place *meaning the mods, not the regs who manage to derail every thread at the earliest opportunity
  11. with your reputation, that probably gave you a twitch... i would have been posting sooner, this thread is my new favourite thing, but not been able to get on here all day due to aforementioned database errors! edit; new rant that t**t on the gilette adverts who bounces into the gym changing room, whooping and back slapping. if he tried that when i was there, he would probably soon be picking his teeth up with broken fingers.* for some reason, that ad really riles me. *if i bothered going to the gym any more edit 2, does the swear filter
  12. all of them have both those 'skills'!
  13. NO! dammit... but off to the pub in a bit, so no time for southpark while i'm smashing pints of guinness into my face at a high rate of knots
  14. i only watch it on viva, or whatever freview channel is showing reruns... *sobs*
  15. ah, southpark. just when you think it cannot possibly more offensive, it ups the game to a level previously thought unpossible! i agree with your good self on how it makes light of sensitive or serious issues by poking savage amounts of humopur at them
  16. im guessing southpark covered jersey shore? not seen any jersy shore, i flat out refuse to watch anything like that, and not seen any new southpark for aaaaaages, so i cant relate bud. but if you like it, i aint judging
  17. he cant star in either of those, he's not a vacuous self-obsessed wannabe *Ubar* who needs a chair leg wrapping round the back of his head...
  18. Merging into one giant super-thread that will consume us all!
  19. just call the po-po on their asses. weak way out, but it gets the job done...
  20. dont get me started on football/football fans. its almost as bad as religion for the fighting in the world...
  21. as said, ann summers is tacky as hell la senza gets a vote from me too. it barely even chafes. oh wait, what have i just said
  22. You love it! *refrains from cat-related jokes about female genitalia*
  23. trap it and release* it far away. its what i planned when i had cats in my garden. even looked into building capture traps, but not seen them since. i frigging hate cats. *take it deep into the woods with a shotgun and a shovel.
  24. So, what do you carry in your manbag then?
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