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  1. Merging into one giant super-thread that will consume us all!
  2. just call the po-po on their asses. weak way out, but it gets the job done...
  3. dont get me started on football/football fans. its almost as bad as religion for the fighting in the world...
  4. as said, ann summers is tacky as hell la senza gets a vote from me too. it barely even chafes. oh wait, what have i just said
  5. You love it! *refrains from cat-related jokes about female genitalia*
  6. trap it and release* it far away. its what i planned when i had cats in my garden. even looked into building capture traps, but not seen them since. i frigging hate cats. *take it deep into the woods with a shotgun and a shovel.
  7. So, what do you carry in your manbag then?
  8. i am typing this on the bog right now... paper for me!
  9. government job? sounds like the mentality for them!
  10. no, but it may incite them to be more helpful, and perhaps argue your case to the people who do. maybe not pinch stuff, but just keep on at them, so they eventually side with you just to shut you up!
  11. pop round to your sisters, and 'liberate' goods to the value of what you are owed... or tell your mum!
  12. fireknife, we have no sympathy for you. you knew full well when ordering stuff to be delivered by royal fail, that it would take at least a week, if not more. shame on you for expecting them to do their job in a timely manner for which you pay for.
  13. simple answer for next time, when you get a replacement extension, dont go to college again. therefore you will not lose it there. maybe sue the college too. yeah, stick it to the man!
  14. if they are indeed the shotgun-sized ones. i believe they developed 2 sizes, one for airsoft, and one for real steel (law enforcement training) but dropped the real sized ones after they thought about what would happen if someone loaded a real shell instead of a training shell. there was a tread around here recently, i'll have a look for it now edit: here it is.
  15. ooh, will a speedfeed stock work with tanaka shells, or will it be just for looks?
  16. whitehawk, that is teh sechs! makes mine look like a fart in a gale really...
  17. is watching die hard 2 on film4. now he want a glock 7. its a porcelain gun, made in germany, and costs more than you make in a month...

    1. shmook


      no. bruce willis was even shown with hair, and we all know that's incorrect...

    2. cazboab


      You all fail. the correct answer is "You'd be a surprised what I make in a month. "

    3. shmook


      if its more than a dollar ninety-eight, i'd be very surprised.

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  18. well, i finally got round to finishing my shotty mod, so here are a few pics! unfortunately, the rest of the gun now looks like it needs a respray! for the grip, i used Rustoleum stone effect textured spray, black granite, and finished that with a flat black acrylic spray, as the textured stuff had white flecks in it. im still unsure of the shape of it, but it is growing on me. and i dont think its too bad for about £30 of materials (handguard, new bulb, filler i already had, and paint). anyway, comments/criticism appreciated!
  19. i was late for a meeting with my dealer before dropping the kids off at school. what of it? i wouldnt have been late if it wasnt for slow drivers getting in my way on their high horses...
  20. yar, to be honest, im not fussed about the WTT tags. for me it was more the sales section, as sigma3 said, you clicked on something of interest, only to find it was on another continent... no big deal, but i/we appreciate you guys sorting it out for us
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