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  1. I agree! It used to be like this a while ago, I think 2 or 3 upgrades back. It was better that way (imo), but its not the end me the world
  2. the gas ones usually need some work. stripping them down (which isnt really hard), and kept well-greased so they hold gas. range isnt too bad, but tats for 6mm. never tried an 8mm. best bet is probably a marui clone though. reliable and rangy too. feed them .25's, both my spas 12's loved eating those
  3. sell some organs, so you dont need to give them away when you crash that 'organ donor machine' im only jealous really, bikes are ace! (not being sarcastic )
  4. if its any help, mine has been fine now in elegant blue. cheers
  5. err, your warn status only shows up to you (and mods), no one else. no one knew you had warn points, except now, so you have gone and ruined your reputation by your own foolishness and told eeevvvveryyyone. MWAHAHAHAHA!!! erm, cough, sorry about that... dont sweat it
  6. cheers misfit, im using winXP pro, browser is IE8, version 8.0.6001.18702, also using the new skin full time now. and its been playing up again since my first post. been trying to comment a couple of times, just to see if i could edit: it seems as though if i try and post directly after clicking on the arnies link in my favourites, it doesnt work. however, if i go into a thread, and then back to the forum homepage, it lets me. will update my favourite and report back more editing than an, err, editing thing tonight by me! seems to work now after overwriting my forum link
  7. hi, as per title, im having problems posting on peoples status updates. i tried a few days ago, while viewing the forum in the old format (i prefer it ) and it wouldnt post the comment. i tried today on different members status, which worked under the new format (elegant/blue). i then tried to reply again to their response, and when i click 'comment', it doesnt, err, comment! the comment box stays highlighted as though the left mouse button is being held down over it, but it doesnt post. i know its not the end of the world, and im not really of the inclination to go adding comm
  8. nice pics, and apologies for souding off, but your torch RIS seems rather... busy. a lot of effort and weight to bung a light on there just my opinion, and if it works for you, then who cares. you should see some of the hideous kit ive used!
  9. holy dog****, thats a big picture... could you resize it please, its creating havoc on my coal-powered crappy old laptop edit: i beat the swear filter!
  10. cheers, it was the paint i was on about great work!
  11. maybe shouldnt have bought an olive drab rucksack then
  12. gah! yours poo's all over mine! edit: cheers for sharing though, what did you finish it with?
  13. double post, sorry, but too late to edit pics as promised! first, the MP5 forearm. i wasnt bothered about butchering this, as i got it for a tenner, as it didnt work. £4 later, i had 2 new bulbs from fleabay! yay! as you can see, ive roughly radiused the top, one side is for the mag release on the gun, and i just did the other for symmetry. split in half what its going on positioning it turns out this was a bit high, if i wanted to keep some material for strength, so i lowered it a bit check fit for the torch i cut some of the bottom out, and
  14. yes, actually, been doing a bit on it today! will put some pics up later on tonight
  15. ah. nice work, drake then! im the same with single-shot shotties. kind of defeats the object imo, no matter how pretty they are
  16. the bandito 'tache is coming along nicely for Movember!

    1. faramon


      My own Movember addition looks so weak a kitten could lick it off .. how ever it being for a good cause I don't mind :D

    2. shmook




      i dont really like mine, usually just wear stubble, but as you said, its for a good cause. and it winds the missus up something rotten!

  17. channel 4 news was making a big deal about it being dropped, i just caught it as i got in tonight. edit: swear filter works for me, but it must be the first time ive used it for a while, so wont really notice if its playing up
  18. i only saw some footage of it all today, and what really gripped my *suitcase* was the fire extinguisher being dropped of the roof of the building, and landing about 8 inches away from a group of coppers/TSG, or whoever they were its one thing smashing windows (which i also dont agree with), but that was some deliberate, malicious *suitcase*, aimed at killing or seriously injuring someone, under the guise of 'protesting'. really, really not on. the police have rightly stated that if identified, the person who did it can be tried for attempted murder...
  19. screw the SKS, what about the vintorez?
  20. is milliputting the *suitcase* out of his shotgun

  21. do what im doing (exact same shotty), and butcher an MP5 handguard to fit! ive chopped one down and mounted it, just need to finish some cuts and blend it all together with some milliput. pics when done! i got the idea from anzriptide i think:)
  22. Yar, was kidding anyway in reference to recent news, and recent thread topic!
  23. Jawohl! Sie haben eine gute idee
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