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  1. i sure as hell am! i use mine to chuck .43's around. they dont go where i want them to, mind as for the TM, ive been following this for ages now. when more parts are out, i think i shall have to invest!
  2. you're a gent, cheers for keeping us up to speed
  3. RAS will make it even heavier bud i know, ive got one! adds noticeable heft to the front end... also, real wood? keep it old school heatshield styleeee!
  4. how do, a mate of mine has been trying to sign up here for the last few days, but has been unable to. also, on another forum, a chap started a thread basically saying he couldnt sign up to arnies either. now, im guessing its to do with the move recently, and i know there are all sorts of things to iron out, but just thought i would mention it in case you guys were unaware cheers for all the hard work, shmook
  5. cheers, couldnt for the life of me remember what it was! looks great on there
  6. epzilonblue, what sight is that please?
  7. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=183951&pid=2313235&st=0entry2313235
  8. i have no messages at all, either received, or sent, and there were a good few there beforehand. its not an issue for me, as nothing was ongoing, but thought i would let you guys know anyway
  9. i'm pretty sure brits can buy thermal sights legally is that a real eotech you're running it behind, with NV setting?
  10. *sigh* its not hard to use like that, and it greatly reduces the chance of being spotted, due to reduced 'flash', and also breaking up the shape of the lens
  11. it would certainly stop one from pulling too far... enough off-topic from me now, apologies all!
  12. thats what i thought; magpul, for magpuls' sake
  13. druid, why the AFG, and the magwell grip too?
  14. what sort of run time do those envg get om a set of batteries, and what batteries do they take?
  15. the T-1 looks awesome on it. i would have never even thought of trying one, but ive always been a fan of aimpoints on them, ala blackhawk down styleee! its to the point where i cant decide to mount one on mine, or a small scope. im using the scope off my L96 at the moment (its out of service for now), which is too big for a socom, but the only scope i have. i may rip the aimpoint off my M4, which gives me an excuse to buy something else! ooh, decisions...
  16. it gets better every time i see it
  17. silly me. Cheers! I was a bit pickled lasg night, nd the logic wasnt presenting itself to me
  18. eh? how does that work? surely, if they already have the sigs, then buying a whole new weapon system isnt cheaper? silly policemen...
  19. cant edit... on the box of my lenser police tech, it says a range of 230 metres, and faffing with it tonight, its not quite as far as that, but still bloody stupid range for 105 lumens. between 150 and 200 metres. i dont know how its actually measured though, but i say its useable at that before it hsa 'spilled' too much to see anything. its my first foray into LED lights, and always thought they were a bit cack. mainly due to the button-cell things you get on keyrings etc. after today, my eyes have been opened! and the closed again, cos its effing bright
  20. i just got an LED Lenser, check the flashlights' thread. awesome bit of kit
  21. fellowz, i normally HATE that stock, but it works really well there. the AFG gives it a whole new look. i think the tan colour helps too though. all in all, lovely!
  22. well, picked mine up today, and just ordered a pressure switch for it too. had a change of plan, and its going on a shotty now, so dont really need the range
  23. BSX, you have a pm! leadmill, while i dont have the same experience as darkchild, i can also say blackhawk serpa platforms will not move. at all. mine's a real one, not ACM. no idea about them... join the dark side!
  24. thats spot on bud, much appreciated! Especially as i will put it on my works' account, and get one for free Cheers
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