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  1. it took a minute for me to see that one, apaman! nice work!
  2. i'll stick this back in here, as the original pic got deleted from my first post... hope thats ok! L96 CQB gosh, an actual photoshopped image, in the photoshopped image thread, not bodged from a weaponblender site... edited for weapon name!
  3. use the grease, the oil wont stay on as long. use lots of grease, these guns love it!
  4. i do indeed get the idea! the M590 is more the look i want anyway, i prefer the longer mag tube. as soon as pennies fly into my arisoft funds account, a heatshield shall be bought! cheers bud
  5. cheers 'jesus! edit: for the M1100 info, not backing the 'arsed' arguement! dont want to make things personal
  6. not heard of that one, ED i meant it as 'cant be arsed'
  7. i never thought about a heatshield rhino, i shall look into this further. cheers for the idea ha ha, your link is the same! i guess ASCUK dont like hotlinking or whatever it is called;) anywho, that was the one i was linking to. as for stripping mine, CBA at the moment, but then im not the one needing the part now... dannyboy, if youre blueing the steel parts on your M3 (although i dont know what parts are metal on these), you should paint the furniture a wood effect, to give a sporter look. lose the pistol grip aswell. possibly get into detail such as a gold
  8. fair enough! i dont know thing like this cos i am a spaz with computers:)
  9. sorry about the triple post, my computer and i are not really on speaking terms at the moment... as for the pics of the extractor, i dont have any at the moment. but your question may inspire me to strip mine down for a long overdue service if i get time this week. i cant promise though bud meanwhile, though its not much help, you may want a look at this. cheers for the feedback on the sights too, im thinking the same, cleaner lines edit: forgot i had this saved, its a mod for the extractor, may be worth a try? linkity link
  10. i get this too, have had it for a couple of weeks now. usually just 1 tab open, but a max of 3... aye aye, Cap'n!
  11. i think these can go here... not the best pics, im not artistic with a camera just took a quick few when i finished the case... also, ive just put the ghost rings back on the M500, and cant decide if it looks better with, or without. when without, i just use a bead at the front. any opinions chappies? cheers, shmook
  12. nice review, thanks! this seems ideal for me, will have to pick one up now... as for your english, its better than mine cheers, shmook
  13. i think eye damage from lasers would be the last thing people would worry about if someone broke into his place... more like 5.56 damage nice work, titelist wish we had the options you guys had
  14. crenna, reminds me of the gun store arnie broke into in commando! ace!
  15. true. cant be that hard. i would buy a spas if i could get a folding stock, they look incomplete without.
  16. woop woop! my shell sling arrived today, so i loaded up my m1100... it can now carry 26 shells on the shotgun, plus the 8 loaded! modded my shell catcher too, lined it with steel to hold its shape. i messed around with the pic, cos it didnt come out well on my phone.
  17. ha ha, been playing duke nukem again the last few days, in high res too! ace fun!
  18. good plan, saves me stealing it from work and then buying paint! thanks bud
  19. it is, cheers. might have to replace the copper then... gladly not a big job!
  20. cheers! im off out to find some this weekend. any recommendations? especially for painting copper...
  21. right, these are my boomsticks! please excuse the phone camera pics, my girlfriend 'borrowed' my camera. i no longer have my camera. anywho, first is my gas ACM M500 originally, i then took off the stock, and made a ghetto wooden pistol grip for this, to go in my home-made molle shotgun scabbard (cant find pics of the gun with grip on, but the scabbard is here it was ace like this, but i really have a thing for long shotguns, so i put the full stock back on, and modded a fake shell tube extension for it i just drilled and tapped the end
  22. edit, i wasnt happy with my post, will try again later. sorry!
  23. boooooo still, an over and under grenade launcher will stiil be made of win and awesome. use normal wood though, it will get battered in use...
  24. build the pump-action one. now. the world needs an airsoft version. in fact, build 2 and give one to me
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