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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap portable hard drive? My wife got us a trip to Iceland for my birthday and as my phone has no expandable storage because Google are idiots (have I mentioned that the pixel 4 is a terrible phone apart from the camera...) I could do with something I can dump pictures on, and also from my drone. I don't need a lot of storage. A couple of hundred gigs will do, and something cheap as I doubt I'll use it much. I didn't want to gamble with a Chinese eBay one... Thanks in advance!
  2. Hedge, that is rubbish 😥 Scorch, I never saw it as an issue. No different bro a company car I suppose. I treat it like other cars I've owned without a second thought. I am truly glad I don't own it though, as any issues mean the dealer sorts it under warranty 🙂
  3. Hedge, maybe look as a storage container for excess kit? W used one when moving house, and it was something like £9 a week. A local one, not one of these chain ones. Scorch, new car or second hand? If new, could you lease? I'm doing that, and would happily never own a vehicle again if I can help it. No arsing around with dealers too...
  4. Yep. I've seen some gritty ones, not always the bikers fault.
  5. That's the thing. We all hate traffic, and with an accident our first thought is 'bloody hell, I'm going to be late.' it's a natural thought though, don't dwell on it. Like you say though, you won't be as late as the person/s caught up in it, whose families could be getting a horrible knock on the door from a bobby with their hat in their hands.
  6. I'd stick to buying cars if I were you!
  7. We used to have the odd night game in the snow. It was awesome!
  8. To be honest it sounds awkward... This evening, I asked Google if it/he/she listened whilst my phone was locked or even if switched off. My phone swerved answering 3 times, and on the 4th it shut down. I get that it monitors me, and am fairly ok with that, but to not answer when asked is naughty. I only asked on a whim as my wife and I were discussing it over dinner.
  9. Could you not retire to another room? Game, read or garage to engineer things with hammers?
  10. Congrats! It's also good that the progressive french give their female cops smaller and lighter guns, in case the proper ones get a bit heavy... 😂😂
  12. When I was a cop we had first aid refreshers every year. I first started and it was putting asters on and doing triangular bandages and how to dress a head wound. We hardly treated folk for such, and called ambo if someone got hurt on our watch... My last one, we turned up and the instructor said 'you know the basics, no one forgets, but you never use them. Society is changing and you really just nee dto learn to put Israeli bandages and tourniquets on. I can't teach you because it's not policy, but look in to it.' It's true. Anything serious I went to was a stabbing, and I carried s
  13. That sucks. Do you mind disclosing what she's been diagnosed with? I've never heard of a requirement for orange lenses, and dad was an optician.
  14. Genuine first world problem, but my brand new smartphone is absolutely atrocious. Don't buy a pixel 4, guys. The reviews are accurate, but mine was pre-order. The camera is excellent, and that's about it. Really poor battery life and terrible WiFi reception. The swiping between apps is clunky, keyboard is a hair's breadth too small so typing isn't fun, and it's laggy when trying to punctuate. Screen brightness doesn't always go high enough either. I'm sure there's more, but really don't bother if you were considering one. Volume settings are cob too. Lastly, my fault for
  15. If impacts from bb's are taking months to disappear - or not going away at all - I would be seeking medical advice... Gloves such as mechanix M pacts will help, but I've had 500fps shots to the bare hand at point blank (don't ask, was a long time ago in a safe zone and I almost made him eat his sniper rifle...) And that drew blood but was fine after a week or so. I really do suggest getting it looked at.
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