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  1. I get a bit of stick about it at work! No effs given though, it's a really good car!
  2. Nothing as manly as those alpha male cars, you cheeky person It's a Suzuki Vitara... Mock all you want. It's cheap, good on fuel, actually drives well (carwow agrees), under warranty in case things break, and a huge fanny magnet* *One of these may be a fun. I also have been known to wear pink clothes, but all of this is because I am secure in my sexuality!
  3. Life ain't bad at the moment. 7 year wedding anniversary tomorrow, and away for a long weekend without child and dogs next weekend to celebrate. Favourite restaurant booked along with hopefully decent accommodation. Been buying frivolities too. New EDC knife which I'm very impressed with. A touch stiff to open, but carries nicely, and looks pretty. Also bagged a watch I've lusted after for years, no longer available. Got it new from someone's collection they were thinning. New phone too, which is.... Strange. Contract was up and I took a punt away from Sony which I've had variou
  4. The world is a nice place. The media put a downer on it, but don't report the good stuff. Can you jump in your car and travel the country for a bit? Casual work for food money, camping kit in the boot (trunk)? Any family or friends you can stay with further away so you can depressurise? Even just being out on your own. I enjoy that sometimes to just recharge.
  5. That sucks bud. One of my dogs suffered from this a few times and we were worried sick. It turns out he was prone to prostate inflammations which caused swelling and put pressure on the spinal chord. We had him neutered and the problem went away. Not trying to give false hope, but it may be something to look in to. He was a pup when it was happening, and is now just over 7 and he's not had an incident since. I'm hoping you were looking at a Glock for the dog. If you thought about it for you, please don't. I know it's easy to say from thousands of miles away as an anonymous
  6. Ring them up and get a replacement. Don't take any , it's knackered. Immodium works. Not ideal, but it works.
  7. Sell the lot. Walk for exercise like a normal person.
  8. It's an unbelievable thing to go through, and neither of you are alone if you don't want to be. Whatever you need.
  9. Same, hope you're sorted soon!
  10. This is excellent, and should be encouraged more. Unique experiences are awesome!
  11. I was with my wife and 5 year old... Booze is my only vice anyway!
  12. It's my last night in Ibiza ☚ī¸
  13. Same, the suggested videos are generally ones I have an interest in, but not necessarily ones I would search for. Also, some utter tripe, but it's quite good at 'guessing' what I want. It's the only page I use really, as any of my subscriptions pop up there. I also avoid the trending page at all costs...
  14. I didn't understand most of your post, save for 'nice kit makes things better' ! Yep, it's a hell of a raise, and I was doing OK beforehand too. It means more nice things for my family, which can only be good.
  15. Cheers. I'm also loving the sheer amount of apollo-related stuff everywhere at the moment. I am suitably immersing myself in it!
  16. I got a 15 percent pay rise yesterday, completely out of the blue. I'm still gobsmacked. I'm doing the same hours, but have taken on another role on top of mine, but it's still a crazy amount in 1 hit, and couldn't have come at a better time to be honest. Please don't take this as showing off, I don't mean it that way. It's just really nice to be appreciated for what I do 😊 Edit, sorry for the double post Tink...
  17. Soylent Green is the answer.
  18. Would I be correct in guessing he 'travelled'?
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