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  1. Because you lot would be through my alcohol stock like a plague of locusts, farting and burping and no doubt teaching my 5 year old some new and interesting words... πŸ˜‚
  2. Currently sat drinking wine in the evening sun/sunset, listening to the stereophonics playing live. I get that it's not to everyone's taste, butI don't mind them at all. Even better as I'm sat at home, listening for free, as I'm not far from the stage that's been set up for 5 days of music. Happens every year, and we save a fortune on tickets! Cant grumble too much, even the road closures for it in town aren't affecting us as we are just on the edge of them so can travel normally!
  3. Netflix account has been hacked. Took a 5 minute phone call to them to sort, but it had been upgraded to a 4 screen account which I may yet get stung for. Twats. Someone had a go at my spotify too, but I got an email for that warning of suspicious activity. Change your passwords, folks! Mine were changed every 3 months, so no idea what's happened.
  4. Sticking your wife's hair clips to your armour is inspired. Not even tier 1 boys do that.
  5. There can't be. They won't have time to post the amount of stupidity I've seen...
  6. Added a video to my 'watch later on my ipad. Just cos it seems to look like a nice one, from Arc'teryx. 30 seconds later, I'm getting adverts for said company in my Facebook feed on my android. Never had one before. Won't buy from them due to their silly prices. Never been on their website. Why does the Internet stalk me so. Edit, and now the company I bought my latest drone off...
  7. Ah, I don't check sites to see how good things are. I tend to ask real people... (I'm assuming you guys are all real here. Hopefully not Russian bots. Or matrix inhabitants.) Like I said, catching up on what we have missed. Got a good deal on sky Q too, and it's absolutely brilliant as we were still on an HD box. Joined the modern age and am paying sod all more for tons more content!
  8. Not started chernobyl yet, is it any good? Been without sky for about 3 weeks, so I've been bingeing a bit!
  9. It's not good in any way. Holler if necessary.
  10. I've watched tons of fpv racing drones, I'd love to get in to that, but like you said, it can be spendy... This? I can't fully justify either. It's a treat to myself! Where I live is in between 2 airports (1 military) and my flight area isn't huge (dji geofence their kit though, so I shouldn't stray into restricted airspace...), but I'm still supposed to notify air traffic control if I'm going to chuck it up in the air. I don't think I'll fly it much at home. However, my work is out in the sticks, and go to the lake district several times a year, so I will use it a good bit there.
  11. The phantom is massive! This fits in a bag (which it comes with) about the size of a tupperware lunch box, including the remote control, 3 batteries, spare props and charging hub, so it's easy to carry. It's tiny. I'm early stages, but I'm so, so impressed with it. It does over 30mph too, which doesn't seem that fast until you watch it. And it's crazy fast when it's coming towards you with 8 spinning blades...! Range is good too, a few hundred metres in the open countryside. However, you can spoof the GPS to think its in America which activates the long range function. They w
  12. Yep. First flight this morning. It's incredible. Properly awesome, one of the best things I've ever bought!
  13. So, I get updating the firmware of a drone. I also get updating the firmware of the remote. Yes, it has 'intelligent' batteries. So they need updating as well. But the charger that updates them? Does that really need an update? Apparently so. 2 hours before you can even power your new toy up? Meh...! Then about half an hour sorting the settings. However, I'm super-chuffed with it. Moving it around and having the camera/gimbal track me is mega creepy, but it's one hell of a piece of kit, and I bought basically the crappest model thay make. And it's bril
  14. Ah. I didn't click on it, just posted what Ian said. That's *rubbish* for his overseas fans.
  15. Cheers! Unfortunately, I'm not building things. If I can't use a hammer, I'm not in to fabrication. With electricky stuff, I want to hand over money and it work. Hence me buying a dji drone, and not building one that will function better but cost a vast amount of swearing and time...
  16. Just seen on forgotten weapons that H&K have properly turned Ian in to gun jesus. Have a look, it's ace! Posters are for sale too 😁 Sorry for the double post, Tink...
  17. Evening, all! Can anyone recommend any 'ok' video editing software? That's free! I'm a complete novice, and won't be going to the nth degree, just something I can, well, edit footage with. User friendly would help! On top of that, maybe a cheap laptop capable of using said software. Second hand is fine. Lower cost, the better, as I will be using it solely for this purpose and it will live in a bag for days at a time. Something off the shelf, I'm not wanting to build one. Thanks in advance!
  18. Now I want free, unique Austrian damage on my things. Does anyone know of any Austrians who are good at messing things up...?
  19. It's always a waiting game with ebay! My gripe is buying something that's supposed to be in stock, dropping a few hundred quid with a large company, and then getting emailed that it's out of stock. After it let me select 'next day delivery'. Then getting told money won't be taken until its dispatched. Then money being taken. Then emailing for a refund, and phoning up to confirm and finding it's not been processed. Then being told it will be a few days, whereas they can take payment instantly - actually even before they said they would... And then they lowered the price of the
  20. Have a look on ebay, used ones crop up all the time. You could scavenge partsπŸ˜€
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