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  1. Yeah... Basically, under my revised laws and police powers, if you f**k up and are unrepentant, so basically a chav, you're getting one in the dome. Not kids, but they will see the consequences of that, instead of multiple slaps on the wrist, or gaol time that is usually far better than home life. Asbo kids will be sent to borstal type schools with a strong curriculum in morality and societal awareness. Staffed by ex military on a good wage and decent workload which gives an incentive to teach well. Unlike the toxicity you can get now in teaching... Meh, happy thread -
  2. Hey, as home secretary, I'm taking care of the chavs. See my above post. They will be gone within a generation.
  3. Yep, we are in. I'm home sec, and issuing all cops lawgivers, and the gloves are coming off for the feral underclass.
  4. Bought my first pistol from him! Guarder-kitted marui sig 226. Still got it!
  5. No idea, but they ask. I know several people who have gone through it. They always ask about the grot you watch. Always.
  6. It's basically to check you haven't been abroad training as a terrorist. Explain everything from the outset. Say you didn't have a tenancy agreement and that's why there's a gap. Official vetting will find out, and it will look more suspicious to them if you didn't mention something and them finding it out (they will, trust me) as opposed to you just being a human who has a history like most others. Also, be lucky it's not Deep Vetting, where you sit down with people and have a good long chat about your sexual history and pornography preferences...
  7. This old Tony did some timesaving tips which made me smile!
  8. But how do you pack it...? 🤔
  9. Not seen stealthbomber or punky pink on here for years. The crappy build kid was called typewriter I think. They disappeared too, but I do recall the name popping up again, but I'm not sure if that was a different account with a similar username. Renegade cow is still here, and uses anything to build with. Usually magic and unicorn dust. Not seen candyman for years either, and don't remember dobey or crimson falcon.
  10. Yep, muscle food is really good. We are lucky, and have a massive chest freezer in the garage. 20 kilos of chicken Breast doesn't even make a debt in it, so we order loads and batch cook. If you have the room to freeze a few meals, do it. You're already cooking anyway, so just double or triple the portions and you have quick meals in the week. Be advised though, muscle food needs separating and bagging before you freeze it, they come vac sealed in something like 5kg packs.
  11. What hardcore said. It's a rubbish time, sorry to hear you're going through it bud ☚ī¸
  12. This may sound *suitcase* - and I don't mean it to - but is that a restriction? If she's in, can you not go and get it twixt visiting hours? Would it not be an embuggarance to delay collecting it to another day, or does she have to be there in person as its mobility? Again, not trying to rile you, and I'm sure you can think practically...! Edit, besides that, that sucks. Sorry to hear it ☚ī¸
  13. I'm too old and too grumpy to deal whit *suitcase* like that. If he was on my field, he would be eating that setup, and the tank would be inserted up his *albartroth*. I hate twats.
  14. Old? OLD? I'll tell you about old! Regarding jobs, at least you are employed, which as its not ideal, it gives you some wiggle room to find something else. There is work out there, honest. You just have to keep pecking away. A platitude, I know, but it's true. Mood-wise, do you talk to your wife about how you feel? If not, do. Or at least someone. I've seen first hand how bottling things up can be damaging to your mindset, and it can spiral. You are a strong, independent woman who don't need no man. Wait, no... As for the booze goi
  15. IT WAS A COMPLIMENT! I meant they just wade in and start spam-moderating without any sort of justification, whereas you are the most fair and just of moderators, who controls a forum with the lightest of touches, yet you can feel the power behind them... 😂😂
  16. That is excellent work from her, I'm really impressed 😀 Edit, it won't mean anything I'm sure, but please pass my congratulations on to her when you can!
  17. Hedge, that's *suitcase*. It really is and I'm so sorry to hear it. I know the situation you're in, but I had basically a free pass when my dad and wife were in, the staff were great. Not rubbing it in, what I mean is maybe this one was just a horror, and you will get decent staff from now on. Keep up with the letter, kick it as far as you can. If you can be bothered, maybe contact the local rag and tell them, and if the hospital has social media, go for that. They hate bad publicity. Also, insider tip. Hospital security are big, but can't go hands on. This is why they
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