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  1. Something not very widespread: King Arms Bushmaster XM15E2S Edit: Now with Eo a little more frontward and Amplifier behind it...looks like it was made for it O.o Pics on request
  2. As proposed, with a silencer...dont like the look very much, the stubby silencer is too short for proper proportions... but a longer one will make it more impractical, so I'll stay with my ironsights
  3. Looks VERY nice! I was thinking about doing the same...well, turns out great! Makes me wanne do one, too Especially the rounded area around the thumb hole =)
  4. And up =) Want to see some more WWII weapons, show me what you've got! =)
  5. SSG69Pro


    They were talking about my post a page before ^^ My bad, just couldnt find a bolt action thread anywere =(
  6. Its quite heavy, yeah...but it feels just right
  7. SSG69Pro


    I prefer the M16 stock =) Looks very nice mate! And here, almost an oldtimer^^ Performs pretty well right now, 1,2Joule with a new tb Barrel that goes into the MOCK silencer =)
  8. Not as special and custom as the rest of the revolvers here but I think the aimpoint fits pretty good^^
  9. Something old scool again =) With real steel 20round magazine
  10. You seem to be kinda a L96 fan Looks nice btw =)
  11. Wow, turns out very nice =)
  12. Really amazing pieces of furniture here! I always love to see real wood, and if its self-made its even better to me =) Something very special then, unique... Gonna join the wooden club with my 3 woodsters: M21 with selfmade stock, made from scratch: I think I will mount my harris bipod in the next weeks =) Together with a G&G M14 S.O.C. with stock wooden stock^^ And my newest project, a DBoys K98k, stock has been sanded down and redone like my scratch-built-M21-stock. Scope is planned, I'm looking for an old one.
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