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  1. We'd go for some patches and probably T-shirts too, great idea, best way to start a fan-base
  2. Man this site rocks Cheers Arnie, you don't know it but this site is starting to draw attention to the plight of airsofters in Ireland, and then yer in trouble over there when we load up! Personally I can't wait for the first big airsoft meet in ireland, if our paintball sites are anything to go by, be prepared for serious Mil-Sim action! Go raith ma agat (thank you in Irish!)
  3. Thats what I'm talking about!! I like it too, the only thing I'd do differently would be to remove the vertical foregrip and install a TM m203 for when things get up close or you're counter-sniping at close ranges! My distaste for vertical foregrips stems from my usage of the real steel steyr AUG in our local FCA(the TA for you brits) Really unnatural feeling moving around corners and the such with the grip down, also promotes shooting from the hip which is basically pointless at anything further than point-blank range
  4. hey there arnie, site cool, me happy out Just a friendly suggestion, maybe in the projects section have a page complete with pics of out of this world custom jobs. It would be a great place to give lads ideas for weird and wonderful creations. I seen a pump action shotgun of some sort (couldn't recognise it) with two mini launchers on either size, a light underneath the barrel, shell holders on the stock, red dot sight and the pump handle with a vertical fore-grip. I can't seem to trace it again to get you a link but its a phillipno guy who made it. UNREAL!!
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