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  1. anybody else starting to think there is weight to the rumors that WE make the guns with pure *suitcase* for internals just so RATECH can skim the profits off the aftermarket bits? Why doesent WE just spend that extra $50-60 ontop of the price of the gun and put decent *suitcase* inside it so you dont get these kind of breakages
  2. In-game, didnt even see the photographer
  3. Bane

    M14 Picture Thread

    Yeah i'm going to mix and match the colors a bit see what i can come up with. Had a feeling the color would be off by a bit but was worth a shot!
  4. Bane

    M14 Picture Thread

    None at all All the modding was in making the thing not creak whenever i picked it up. I put about 10 layers of fibreglass in every hollow inside the stock, then used layers of fibreglass and resin to glue the stock together, and put foam in the cavities up the front to prevent noise and give it a bit of filling
  5. Just realised doesent own a M16/M4 and never has, is there something wrong here?

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    2. faramon


      HEY Fireknife and Hwagan .. I *fruitcage* Hate YOU GUYS! *SMILEY FACE MAKES IT OK*...


      Nothing wrong with disliking or liking AR ... only thing is if you like AR's you are going to burn in hell (says captain GIVE me my WE M16A1 NAO!)

    3. adadqgg


      Ar10- Yo Dawg, I heard you like handles...

    4. TheFull9


      ..so we put an handle insides your handle, so you can cock while you carry.

  6. Bane

    M14 Picture Thread

    Everything bar the stock and the rail is G&P. I just wanted a change in stock to something less common. So i went with what i could find (KART JAE-100) and threw all the KART externals and internals in the bin. The rail is Cyma, as for the color, i like it as it works well for NZ, if i could find a decent OD green i'd use that, but i find it highly irritating seeing the plethora of Dark Earth and tan loadouts in a country as green as this. Same as people using ACU - they stick out so bad its not funny.
  7. Bane

    M14 Picture Thread

    With the plethora of wood stocked and EBR M14's turning up i went for something different.. Still needs a little bit of work, but overall pleased with the result. Because NZ is quite lush native bush i went for a darker-than-normal green (Looks very much like a SV-98 color) dappled with black. With flash Grip was stippled using a 0-size pozidrive screwdriver tip held in a 80watt soldering iron to provide a slight "Cross' Shape, gives great grip. Original stock was a KART JAE-100, i seperated the halves and used fibreglass and a polyester resin to reinforce insi
  8. Performance reports to follow i suppose. 'Twas interested and with heavier ammo it shoots pretty accurate
  9. Was messing around with my WinGun, converted it to 8mm using modified real-steel 357 Magnum cases and an old bit of 8mm barrel from a M1 Garand. Was staring at it just now, and i was looking at the scope from my Rossi Puma 44 mag and got to thinkin'.. thats a long-eye releif scope.. and i have pistol rings somewhere..
  10. Update of an old gun.. She's GBB now. Needs a little more work, filing & finishing. Used SRC GBB internals, switched the gas system into my LCT AK-74, and put the electric internals into the SRC. Didnt like the SRC original paint, so reblued it (Care of a good friend who sold me the GBB second hand) everything dropped straight in without issue, and the SRC GBB system has proven to be incredibly consistent so i was quite happy witht he performance (In the Krinkov it was chronoing 325-330)
  11. Its beautiful enough and russian enough to be an Honorary AK. unlike that Arma.. Thing.. of Ckinnerly's.. i dont even know what to class it as. Its almost like a frankenstein's monster of the gun world..
  12. Yeah let me know about the spring OD as it may still be an AEG, just one of the more oddball ones, they do vary alot between manufacturers, i've had springs from one maker not fit in pistons made by another. OffT: Nah, what i meant by inaccuracy was the rifle shot a 3.5" group at 150m with the bayonet off, but with the bayonet on the grouping cut down to 1.5-2" due to canceling out harmonics, not a bad thing you may ask but it defeats teh purpose of having a "Carbine" when it shoots most accurately with the massive bayonet extended.
  13. Could you please measure the outer diameter of the original spring? Also just for reference, i just compared your photographs to a real Mosin sitting in the cupboard and i have to say that the finish on the airsoft one is actually -better- than the real one. Remember these rifles were made in the millions, quickly, and as cheaply as possible, and the wood varied drastically from whatever was available, and the finish was always random at best. The sad part about it all is that of the few M44 carbines i shot (Real ones) they actually shoot more accurately with the Bayonet on than off.
  14. springs usually are.. thats how every other gas rifle works
  15. Is currently shoehorning Escort GBB internals into an A&K M249... fun times

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