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  1. sgt.kicker


    The MP5 that I like to think of as a "Light DMR" just for giggles. Please, no gasps or boos. Has got an MS120 spring, 407mm tightbore Prometheus going through the suppressor, 4x32 scope, and a super-sexy cocking tube laser.
  2. sgt.kicker


    This might help: In Real Steel: A DMR is a large caliber rifle (7.62 or larger) that bridges the gap between assault rifles (such as M16) and sniper rifles. They shoot in semi-auto only, which means they can have precise long-range shots yet a higher ROF than a bolt-action sniper rifle. In Airsoft: Since all airsoft guns use the same "caliber," theoretically any gun can be a DMR. But most airsofters with DMRs use large guns such as M14, SR25, M16, etc. Generally, a DMR will have a long (500mm+) tight (6.03-6.01) barrel and shoot above 450fps on semi-auto only. A bipod and magnifying scope would help. I hope this is right

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