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  1. <http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showuser=65132>
  2. Two quick questions: 1. So is this gun identical internally to the CYMA/Cybergun M1A1? 2. Has anyone found a way to increase the 450rd drum mag's capacity?
  3. oh my gawd, that is such a beautiful kitteh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. sgt.kicker


    The MP5 that I like to think of as a "Light DMR" just for giggles. Please, no gasps or boos. Has got an MS120 spring, 407mm tightbore Prometheus going through the suppressor, 4x32 scope, and a super-sexy cocking tube laser.
  5. sgt.kicker


    This might help: In Real Steel: A DMR is a large caliber rifle (7.62 or larger) that bridges the gap between assault rifles (such as M16) and sniper rifles. They shoot in semi-auto only, which means they can have precise long-range shots yet a higher ROF than a bolt-action sniper rifle. In Airsoft: Since all airsoft guns use the same "caliber," theoretically any gun can be a DMR. But most airsofters with DMRs use large guns such as M14, SR25, M16, etc. Generally, a DMR will have a long (500mm+) tight (6.03-6.01) barrel and shoot above 450fps on semi-auto only. A bipod and ma
  6. Would it be possible to convert that extra bit of outer barrel into a functioning silencer?
  7. Gaaaaah I've gone through this entire thread and the guns look so goddamn sexy!!!!! I want an M14 so bad Hopefully I'll be getting a G&G M14 Veteran/Evolution late October or early November
  8. Okay, being a bit paranoid, I decided to again ask around about the internal differences between the standard and Veteran M14. According to AirsoftGI:"The $250 version comes with a plastic stock while the $345 one comes with a real wood stock which is why it costs so much more. The internals are exactly the same though so you are getting the same exact setup in both guns." According to 101TechUSA (G&G's American distributor): "Besides the Spring (which is a M120 instead of a M130), the internal parts of the Evolution/Veteran are actually all upgraded. Which includes pa
  9. Do you guys know for sure what the differences are between the Veteran and the standard G&G M14? (Other than the M130 spring)..
  10. well, could any mod (especially the one that deleted my post) how I should structure the appraisal topic so it doesn't get deleted again? The item in question is HERE.
  11. I had a post in the Newbie section asking about the right price to sell a gun, but it was deleted. Did I post it in the wrong section, or are those types of topics banned all together?
  12. My car. Actually my mom's car, but I drive it 95% of the time and fill up the gas tank, so... It's a 1999 Ford Taurus SE, a typical momma/old lady car, but I still love it. Its 200hp V6 engine puts most of the "suped up" civics and mustangs in the dust.....
  13. Nice and simple, don't want to slow down my tiny netbook. Windows XP with black Zune theme:
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