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  1. I dont know if this is allowed as this is not airsoft. It is magpul though!!! Here is a modified AFG on my TDI Kriss Super V. Makes holding my Kriss super comfy. You can see that I am holding at the crook between the bottom tac rail and the mag well.
  2. yeah it is a P90 silencer and no it is not a KSC adapter. the KSC silencer threading is fine, wheras the TM are coarse. It is a simple act of swapping the TM MK23 stock 16mm+ thread adapter with the P90TR 14mm- thread adapter. the silencers are the same except for the gloss finish. and printing. but the threading is the same ON THE silencer.
  3. Are you refering to the OD "jacket"? if so that is a flightsuit, I think. In regards to the pressure switch, I prefer the switch to be on the trigger grip. It feels natural to put the pressure switch at the front of the grip. So all I have to do is squeez/pull back. I tried the vert grip location but didnt like it much.
  4. that is the new tornado grenade. go look it up on youtube. it is awesome.
  5. no worries. it wasnt made for you to like haha. It is functional. that is why I like it.
  6. Just a slight adjustment on my UTG M3. I added a forward grip (I dont like this style grip for the shotty. it is too long. I want somethign shorter and angled like an AR grip. but the rail is on. I also got the Command Arms CBS stock w/ Adjustable Cheep Piece Please excuse the bluriness. The vert grip is ok for now but I want something that looks like this http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...61fa93bed81222e or this http://commandarms.com/product.asp?pID=27&cID=12
  7. the classic MK23 (this is the KSC with my TM P90 silencer and TM MK23 LAM)
  8. I picked up my UTG M3 Friday and by Sat morning it looks like this. I need to get a different stock. Possible CAA stock with adjustable cheel piece. I will add a bottom rail for a forward vert grip and then get teh ATI shell holder. ATI M4 stock conversion (custom modified from ATI tactical stock for remington/mossberg) ATI Heatshield MP7 Rails (top and two sides w/ MP7 flip sights)
  9. how were you able to mount the flashlight and Eotech? When I do it to my P90 the EOtech gets in the way of the rails.
  10. Can anyone confirm if the TM Mp7 magcatch is metal or plastic? The part that engages the magazine, in the gun grip. thanks.
  11. Cam anyone confirm if the Galaxy G7 comes with the silencer adapter like that of the TM MP7?
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