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  1. Ha ha! http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/201917-acm-stealth-sharkskin-softshell-hoodie/ Just scroll down a bit
  2. I usually wear size M (like in BDUs size MR, right?), and this particular jacket feels quite true to size. Hope it helps...
  3. That tricky first burst happened to me too. Most ACM GBBs need some breaking in, or so it seems. After that and once I managed to set the hop up it works great. I love the puzzled look and the "you shot me with that? from there?" of enemies Luckily enough a friend gave me a smallish shoulder holster to get the Commander Bond look... (my PPK is black, of course)
  4. In order to comply to forum rules that I should have read before, and being unable to edit the original post, here is the full review text: My apologies, next time I'll do it right
  5. A friend told me I have too many 1911 variants; I replied it's for academic purposes (BTW, I have even a few more 1911s, this is sick...)
  6. I buy most of my gear from here, nice quality/price ratio: http://www.airsoftpark.com/product_info.php?products_id=3477 I've had the jacket almost exactly for a year now, I like to test things thoroughly before I review them ;-)
  7. I made a little review on this rather nice jacket, you are welcome to read it here: http://playingsoldiers.blogspot.com/2012/01/acm-stealth-hoodie-gen2-3-lined.html
  8. A bit overdone in places, but it plays the part...
  9. Is it me or they install random triggers at Army? I got an ugly silver one on my black Warrior Oh, and the problem with the righthand side safety is not that it's loose, but that it's like it were made of rubber (yes I'm lefthanded, Ouch!) Other than that it is a rather nice pistol...
  10. Pity that you have to do that to your guns in Portugal... Latest version of hasty allrounder camo:
  11. Waiting for Sam Fisher? This year's Halloween's game theme was Predators2010. I somewhat managed to combine 3 characters in one... EDIT: added this one I found in my pendrive...
  12. A few more swamp pics... Lots of fun when you go back to your car...
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