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  1. Waiting for Sam Fisher? This year's Halloween's game theme was Predators2010. I somewhat managed to combine 3 characters in one... EDIT: added this one I found in my pendrive...
  2. A few more swamp pics... Lots of fun when you go back to your car...
  3. LOL, that's the point of the -ahem replica- MS2 1P/2P convertible sling... EDIT: I forgot, actually it's been the 4 of them DVDs That "Aerial Platform Ops" one is hard to replicate in airsoft... but what about that forklift we have at work? hmm
  4. Sgt. Croc, for that specific place my vote goes to DTS. And to keep on topic, a somewhat 'dynamic' photo (more here)
  5. Some game pics: Then I went to the beach... Sorry for the non-airsoft gun, LOL
  6. I know, I know, it's not airsoft... but it's pretty much MilSim and you cannot do that with an AEG (Next one will be in full kit, I promise)
  7. Could it be this one? If so, you saved 10€ -without shipping-
  8. Stunts, are you allowed to paint them like this? Since this Portuguese fluonightmare started, I'm curious about applying bright colours to the typical "natural leaves screening" paintjob...
  9. Hey, you forgot the clicky for the last one Impressive photos, nice kit and good acting!
  10. Quite, er... colourful (not mockery, I feel your pain) Have you ever considered using those compulsory bright "bits" for team recognition, instead of armbands? Like "orange vs yellow", you know...
  11. Thanks for your elaborate response, I was "doing the Costa" just for laughs and maybe I exaggerated a bit (though I would swear that somewhere in the videos he does it like that...) (And sorry for the offtopic)
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