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    Jing Gong G36 with 2 mags and a front grip .... NICE! lol
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  1. Not sure... But if your using it as a sidearm it will last you the day usually! Its not that bad just a shame that the batteries are unique and cost a hell of a lot considering capacaity etc. Thats because there TM i suppose. Quality comes at a price. I have this gun and i actually think its a brilliant gun i took down someone with a G36 with ease, And i think the range on it is brilliant although out of the box the Fps is a bit low so i usually aim for low armoured parts on the enemy so they can feel it and take there hits... its a fun nifty little gun though and i gotta
  2. Stormtrooper88

    Just me in my gear =)

    meh .. just have a look
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