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    not sure exactly.... about 2-3 years ago i think
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    Tm Mp5 RASSprayed in Dessy colours, KWA G19 (Metal Slide Version)with nice and posh BHI Serpa CQC CF holster, KWA G18c with metal outer barrel (also no longer buggerd), WA Kimber also with Serpa holster, KJW Sig 226, Some no name full metal M9.
    Some type of Guarder Molle vest and other stuff that i either cant name or cant be arsed to name.
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    Guinness........ everything else is irrelevant really.......
  1. alark

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Sod it.... Next game I'm goin out with a handful of bb's and just throw em at people.....
  2. alark

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Stock tube lipo...I know as this was mine until about a month ago.... It's looking good mate...
  3. alark

    1911 Picture Thread

    Been a while since i've posted on arnies but thought i'd put this on whilst i was having a mooch around... Base is a Tercel 1911 but with a few added extras to bring it up too more modern times, still a fair bit to do to get it finished but i'll get there. Leaving the trigger as is, I quite like the old style, comfy... Bever tail to be changed but not desperate and new hammer and polish the frame... based on/around this custom TM 1911 built by Mike Cripps at ESC
  4. alark

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Some pictures of me at Fearful Silence Airsoft yesterday... no real look intended just something different... glad that my hand blurred in the last one lol
  5. alark

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    I really dont see a problem in painting a stock tube i mean... it only had one coat unlike the the rest of it had 2 or 3.... it still slides freely no probs... Plus it makes more sense to me having the gun all one colour rather than having a big black stock tube showing when its opened out... that might just be me though And cheers OGGY for the compliments *AL* aka Lofty
  6. alark

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Well the CQB-r was only finished last night when he picked it up and the 416 isnt finished yet.... need more Krylon Hence they look all new and clean L96 not done by either of us but has been well used *AL* aka Lofty
  7. Awesome guy - Introduced me to the liquid orgasm that is Guinness! Top gamer as well!


  8. alark

    Glock Picture Thread

    My pic unfortunately Well i just edited the post to say i've sorted the barrel out with my old metal one It didnt cycle properly with the plastic one even though its using a 150% spring, it kept on stopping half way back after being fired and would have needed filing down to fit and i wanted to keep that as it was for emergency use if this one goes bang And tbh i wasnt a big fan myself but the more i look at it and the more i hold it its growing on me more and more It just needs abit more work doing to it and it'll be sorted... Going to get me old man to take some photo's when i go down this weekend to sort some things out.... god i hate moving house.... Cheers tho mate *AL* aka Lofty
  9. alark

    Glock Picture Thread

    As promised... A quick rather rubbish pic of My KSC G17 with Caspian Slide Yay my mate who lives 5 doors up from me has just popped round with his new M14 and brought my old metal outer barrel round and it fits and works fine so we've just done a quick swap so now i dont need to buy a new one!!! And going to set to work tidying it up, needs some of the scratches taking out and think i'm going to polish the sides so they're nice and shiney Hope you like *AL* aka Lofty *edit* new barrel is sorted
  10. alark

    Glock Picture Thread

    Too true that mate To be honest i'm pants with a camera.... of any type, i usually get me dad to take pictures if i want things to look nice I always stuff up the lighting etc. When i get the Caspian slide installed i'll take some photos then get me old man to take some..... you'll see the difference Cheers *AL* aka Lofty
  11. alark

    Glock Picture Thread

    Cheers mate i'll send them an Email And thats one sweet pistol mate. *AL* aka Lofty
  12. alark

    Glock Picture Thread

    RacingManiac thats a nice G17 the more i look at polished slides the more i like em...... Good job seeing how the Caspian one i'm getting has the sides of the slide polished.... only thing is it isnt coming with an outer barrel so anyone know what outer barrel will fit? not fussed if its threaded or not just needs to be metal Cheers guys *AL* aka Lofty
  13. alark

    Glock Picture Thread

    Mate they're better pics than i take with a digital camera Sweet shooter though mate Caspian slide is on its way for my KSC G17 yay cant wait. *AL* aka Lofty
  14. alark

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me on right going light in PMC gear at Cerberus. I was wearing a black soft shell but ended up taking it off after the first game as the sun was real hot and wore my UnderArmour for the rest of the day. I swapped between my MP5RAS and me Bro's WAS Vest or his L96 and Viper Molle Rig *AL* aka Lofty
  15. alark

    Glock Picture Thread

    Very nice junior I keep meaning to take some better pics of my G17 and 19. I'll have to get me old man to do it though as i'm pants with a camera Still need to get a Half decent metal slide for it. Any one got any good suggestions for a slide for a KSC G17 that aint gonna break the bank balence and will basically be a drop in fit, as i aint got the time for messin about trying make it fit? Kids eh? And any idea what to do with the slide on my used and abused G19? do i sand it and go Stainless or do i sand and respray it or just leave it battered and bruised? Cheers *AL* aka Lofty

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