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  1. No silly look at the screen in the background. -Ryan
  2. Red5 what pants are in this picture? -Ryan
  3. ACU looks pretty good with a ghille on it. -Ryan
  4. How much is and where can I get a "Steel BDU"? -Ryan
  5. How do you get that effect on your photos Fanatik? -Ryan
  6. Ok lets first look at the title of the loadout. It states “WIP” this meaning work in progress. The kit is not yet done so perhaps instead of just slamming his loadout you could offer suggestions. First let us look at what LS has done right. Well his jacket is appropriate for a more winter loadout. His khaki pants with the fleece jacket seem more along the lines of a 2003 winter loadout. The helmet is the CAG ProTec he bought a few months ago. This is still a good fit for a PJ helmet. IT is a ProTec, often used by J’s for bump protection. The helmet has ANVIS mount and battery box and gogg
  7. The bottom one is Uber legit LS but the one above that looks like someone look like they dont know how to use the pen tool... -Ryan
  8. He did those pics are in his thread there... there are like a few months old. -Ryan
  9. Nick i love you in a total non-homo way. -Ryan
  10. EOL is that guy on a ranch in Texas with eight friends looking for Obama to "rear his ugly head". jvj that kit looks awesome―What Pack is that? P-N that kit is legit -Ryan
  11. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT MAKE THE CHEST RIG?!?!?!?!?! *fruitcage* YOU I'LL MAKE IT MYSELF!!!!" -Ryan
  12. What is the branding on that MAP and is it a mini-MAP? -Ryan
  13. I have the '04 I think kinn got the '02 with a web archive search.... -Ryan
  14. Does Paraclete make a two piece RACK or chest rig? -Ryan
  15. Quoted the picture so you can see. In the far right there is a guy with a RAV and a back panel and bottom left with woody cam and some sort of compact PC. Also in the dead center of teh pic there is a [maybe more than one?] guy with a tan [elberstock?] pack. -Ryan
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