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  1. Akapp

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    What mars said. Bad rep for airsoft in the US dude.
  2. Akapp

    Custom Gear

    Did some work to my USGI LBV, set it up for an RTO rig. Added an LC2 PRC pouch to the right chest, and some other pouches on the kidneys to carry a multitool or a blowout dressing. Its rough, I dont have a good sewing machine to work on this with right now but Ill get it figured out eventually.
  3. Akapp

    Custom Gear

    Im actually considering putting the 2 frag pouches onto the outside of one of the Magazine pouches. Ill figure it out soon.
  4. Akapp

    Custom Gear

    Well... duno if this fits in here but Im working to modify my Enhanced USGI LBV to have some more carrying capability. Kinda jury rigged my Knife sheath(doesnt bother me there btw, easy to reach if I need it fast) onto the LBV and removed a frag pouch. What I would like to do is add some more frag grenade pouches but Im not sure where to put them or how to attach them. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  5. Akapp

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Redid it today, waiting for nice photo weather this weekend.
  6. Akapp

    SIG Picture Thread

    TM 226 with Shooter's design metal slide and Guarder enhanced Recoil spring.

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