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  1. Not being able to get my gun to fire a full Mag of BB's is a downer... Does anyone know if a Marui Glock will be able to use Stark Mags?
  2. My Pair. Both AEG VFC MK18's.... Funny enough, the paint finish on both is quite different.
  3. Is the slide issue on the euro versio or both?
  4. Just got back my Marui tracer unit from being Cerkoted by wwgunsinc.com , Much better than the stock cheap looking Marui finish. VFC Colt Body + Internal RIS2 in black. Inforce APL light Larue M68 Mount Bravo B5 stock Daniel Defense from Sight Knights Armament 600m rear sight VFC KAC Trigger Guard Just waiting for a MOE Grip.
  5. Thinking about a MOE grip. Also not pictured is my brown MS3 ... Should update a pic later on.
  6. Almost dont putting it together, swapping out the suppressor for a TM tracer most days, andworking on putting a rubber aimpoint cover on.
  7. Ouch, I think I will have to wait this out.
  8. What, I was looking at it at the toyfair.... What is wrong with it?
  9. Something we don't see too much of, Bushmaster lowers
  10. Who makes that rail system? Is there any way to fit a Lipo inside? And is it a clone of any RS design?
  11. Ever thought of the VFC KAC Mini grip for that MP7.
  12. Needs to lose the MBUS in place of some troy or KAC sights ... Maybe take the bottom rail covers off and add a hand stop. I dig the all black MK18 ... and the way you used the KAC break.
  13. Have to give it to the TM Scorpion, back when I was playing really close CQB, that gun was pretty amazing. Really underestimated gun.
  14. A lot of airsoft optics loose zero often. I use my iron sights to check zero before game. To much hassle to take them on and off ... And it isnt as much optics fail, as batteries do .
  15. Yeah, it looks just like the real one on the outside... I have some experience with the real m910a... This could be a good light, where did your purchase yours from, I am having a hard time sourcing one with trades.
  16. How is the quality of that Element M910A .... Been eyeing them for awhile
  17. Wondering how that BUIS and the H&K front sight is working out for you :/
  18. Remembers when one could actually afford Tokyo Marui products :(

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    2. FireKnife


      It didn't help certainly. But it has always been quite low up to a point, it wil have to rise at some point, plus you have import, tax, profit and other things to add on to the cost. Doesn't help when the US is meant to be on the fringe of bankruptcy.

    3. renegadecow


      Compare them to Western Arms prices then you'll find TM's to be affordable.

    4. FireKnife


      Very true, and remember WAs are not guns you would really want to skirmish with, a TM however nicely fits in that expensive but not to expensive that you want it in a case :P

  19. Here is to having VFC do a similar complete gun in the next few months .... Seriously though, VFC needs to get on the URX 3 style guns
  20. Bond... Why you no PPQ !?!?!?
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