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  1. Don't want to let this thread Die so I will leave these shots here.
  2. Yes it is possible to lower the fps of the G&G GBB rifles, and cutting the spring is not the answer. I will have some downgrade parts available soon just hang in there.
  3. Here is my Ajax Custom Noveske Tribute Build. It is an awesome rifle and deserved a video. http://youtu.be/fCouNoIyO4c
  4. Here I am fighting in the Utah Deserts with my XM110 with over a 100 operators http://youtu.be/KLjXbzSv0wU
  5. Thanks for sharing you experience at LC XII looks like you had a good time it was a target rich environment for all of you on Bravo Co. March or Die!
  6. Black Ops Elite Special Force Group. October 2012
  7. It was -1 Fahernheit plus windchill, and we where running drills and training in the west desert of Utah.
  8. Thanks, Proud to support the TBOC where ever I can, it is a great group and I am glad that I am part of it.
  9. If you look closely at the 4th picture you will notice that there is AU and FG in it, it is suprising how well both types work equally well in a number of different enviroments that you would think they wouldn't .
  10. More pictures on the facebook group BoE Airsoft
  11. http://www.facebook.com/events/436421409712188/ Operation: Desert Heat June 30 is a build day. We will spend 2 hours filling and placing sandbags. If you do not wish to participate in the build please come out around 2pm MST. We will be running a day scenario, force on force, gas only games and a night scenario. Be sure to be prepared. Sunscreen, food and water are a must to have a good time. Please be sure to bring a signed waiver http://www.facebook.com/download/411254875593930/waiver.pdf Please Read and understand our Rules of engagem
  12. Lion Claws Special M14 Bravo Company 4 Platoon Courtesty of Tactical Airsoft Supply Video Linky
  13. I wasn't happy with the way the original was so I thought I would modify it to go with my extra A-R rig. I now have a lot more functional high speed low drag chest rig. Big Thanks to Smalls at Tactical Airsoft Supply.
  14. I haven't had that happen yet but with being 6' 5" I could see that happening, it is on my to get list,the MPLS would be a better solution as I will need to move my current light when I starting running my pvs-14.
  15. TM G17 Custom with with real steel Insight M6X
  16. Dragon Red Ops Core ballistic Helmet, with Ranger Green First Spear Helmet Cover and ESS Profile Turbo Fan goggles, Princeton Light with Blue Filter.
  17. Here is my LBT Slick, I usually run this with my AR Chest Rig
  18. Here our the twins, I purchased these specifically for Operation Lion Claws. I plan on shooting uscmCorps repeatedly with these. They have big brothers to.
  19. I had some issues with these in my VFC's trying to get them to seal up correctly. I am shooting .25 and getting around 310fps when it is correct when it is not I am getting 75 to 80 Fps I tried three different brands of hop up rubbers and various springs trying to get it to seal I even put a small 1mm x 6mm o ring on the back where it enters the gearbox and resolved one of the seal problems on one of the guns. but the other I have no idea why it is giving me the low fps.
  20. I installed this on my King Arms M4 and it works perfectly, I also used a promothesus purple hop up rubber and and promothesus 6.03 inner barrel, as mention in this review the spring over the barrel is an ideal solution. My intial results our very consistent fps and great accuracy with this combination I will be installing two more on my VFC guns and giving them a through evalution I will post up in a couple of months and let you know after some use if there holding up.
  21. You can see where I filed down the middle area hump just above the screw and washer. What is happening is the hump is just bit too proud and you need to knock it down it causing it to work like a teeter totter.
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