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  1. its nothing really against the gun but pretty much all but the most popular threads have died a death on arnies, due for the most part to Facebook groups. you can get Facebook group info much quicker and easier on your phone than a forum post. if you arnt signed up to a aa12 owners group on fb then get searching. ive not heard of many people upgrading these guns, until there is a large contingent of people wanting to upgrade you will find no one really gets problems / needs to ask questions. when i get chance i will do a few videos on my you tube channel, maybe when people feel a
  2. Ive not heard of any failings and have had no requests for parts at eagle6. I'm in no hurry to get spares listed. Which is a good sign for the platform.
  3. Is there anyone with a broken nozzle ? I haven't seen any posts about it so far.
  4. I've got tan and black slides and frames. I will get them listed on e6 for you.
  5. They probably figure a screw going through the middle affects the gas fill in some way. Or that it's the only way to actually make it. Also the manual shows the direction to hammer the pins out, I've seen a lot of you tube vids that don't observe this, which will make the holes loose. The pins and housing parts are replaceable. If you get to the point when these issues are happening you would assume your mags are 1 to 2 years old. In witch case you can't really begrudge your mag a new o ring, Bb lip, housing and pins if it needs it.
  6. Nah wish I could but that's for the big fish not lil me. No way I could drop that much cash on a bunch of guns. Just the physical space they would take up alone would shaft me.
  7. Pretty sure I paid 315, can't remember exactly .. So I would be retailing about 375. But 100 is a safer markup for uk shops to cover, warrantys and etc. Not to mention the initial batch is limited. If I just dropped 5 - 10k on getting a bunch of guns in .. Yeah I would want some return.
  8. I haven't got mine yet these pics where via impulse101 who got them from a jp blog. I would say yes there's going to be some learning curve with initial upgrades but tm have no daubt done all this for a reason.
  9. More Gearbox and piston Piston heads Hop rubbers and barrel cut Gears compared to normal v2 gear. #tankgears
  10. Unfortunately a bit like the m870 in that the majority of parts are tide up in the gearbox. 35000 yen for the gearbox which is the best part of 206 quid factory price before any markups. Meaning there would have to be a lot of demand to warrant ordering 10 of those bad boys.. So don't break it haha
  11. Both will get split for bits. My only concern would be time, it takes absolutely ages to translate the manual, list and catalog each part. So it probably won't get done straight away unless someone specifically messages needing parts. As long as everyone knows that should there be an issue with there gun in the first few months, they are in a lot better position now to get it going again than say 2 - 10 years ago.
  12. Says super high torque motor - designed for automatic electric shotgun series on the side of it.
  13. It's safe to say tm isn't cyma anything haha No specs on it yet, that I know of or what they are trying to achieve with it verses there other motors
  14. Aa12 new motor ! !! Curtesy of impulse101
  15. Complete disagree. As you say you've done your testing and I've done mine yet we have completely opposite results .. I 100% believe when it comes to barrels and hop rubbers there is no one hard and fast one best route. Everyone should take what they read on the Internet forums with a bag of salt not a pinch and put in the effort to make up there own minds.
  16. Yeah I saw that further up, friend of a friends cousin broke a bit one time type thing I expected a little more tbh, normally there's a decent portion of breakage simply from first time dismantling. Lessons learned the hard way and sometimes expensive way.
  17. Good good, typically if I break a gun up for parts I only sell about 20% of it. So I thank you inadvance for making it 21% haha
  18. I half inched 10 mags.. I feel a little guilty now. No wait that was just indigestion. Honestly when they arrive they will get split into a million bits. It will be a aa12 massacre. There's no part ordering for new products not till batch 2 or 3. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Its preparation for when someone on here try's to work on there gun and invevitably duffs it
  19. Has anyone actually had anything break on this yet ? I'm trying to gauge whether I need to list parts for this or not ?
  20. Echigoya has shipped 2 of these out to me, should be here soon
  21. Tightness of the bore has nothing to do with accuracy, simply a method of tuning the fps of a gun, unless the barrel is dirty. Wide bore to go down in fps, tightbore to go up. The hop rubber and hop window cut do however have an effect on accuracy. All wide bore barrels have wider hop Windows which work better with flat hop systems because they are a more recent design , all 6.01 s because they have been around years are designed with tighter smaller Windows for the original tm design. The result is the appearance of better out of the box accuracy with wide bore barrels.
  22. Here's a link to some parts guys just incase you haven't seen it http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/info-interactive-gbb-mp7a1
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