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  1. This is a prototype for the regular army.
  2. Hey guys, I remember some ago on Wannabe board a guy who was making that little piece for IBH helmets, that rectangular metal piece to attach the comm system on the real one. Does anyone have that item or know how to have a pair nowadays?
  3. You're welcome. Sorry I don't have any pic of the mod, it's just an idea I had while running my TT MAV over one of my HPCs.
  4. You might want to get rid of the cummerbund since it does'nt carry any pouches nor side-armor and being a bit unconfortable in my own opinion, plus you could mod the AWS rig with some male velcro on the back so it could match with the female velcro of the HPC. Your HPC is a litlle bit too recent for an "old school" setup though, since the version you have has the two buttons to hold the cummerbund.
  5. First pic is a SWAT member (some clues : Non-military radio, non-military AR15, PJ's don't use throat-mic comsets, he's in an Army UH-60 (not rare for SWAT to train on Army choppers), and he looks pretty light on med stuff), plus the uncensored version of the pic shows NY ESU patch. Second one is not a CCT but a TACP.
  6. PJ's don't use Mk18mod0, neither does any other troups except for Navy VBSS teams. If you meant CQBR (CQBR and Mk18 are two different weapons), they don't use it either. The only short barrel they're using on M4 are the commando simmunition training upper.
  7. 21st STS CCTers used it before being replaced by LBT-6094, there were still a few of them in 320th STS last year.
  8. Oh, that's right, I should have think of that too, considering I have one.... I've just took a look at the hires, and definitely not a MAV, but I don't know what is it :
  9. @Nasty : That was the one I was talking about. @Jolly : First one is a Blackhawk LBE harness, second one is a Tactical Tailor MAV 2pieces w/ TT X-Harness.
  10. Yes they did use it, look for 59th ERQS pics in Kandahar in '05.
  11. Yep, PJ's from 321st STS are using the Eagle D-PC, we can see a lot more of it during Jackal Stone 2010.
  12. Nice pics, thanks a lot. I suppose this M4 with DD Mk18RIS II is a CCT M4, can you confirm?
  13. Love it man, you've got the look of a 18serie, that is badass, even look like Kyle Lamb. And love the PTT.
  14. I'm not talking about posting deceased servicemen pictures, I'm talking about posting it like being nothing more that anonymous gear dummies, and tagging the pic like it is his own property. Sorry about the swear filter, will not do that anymore.
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