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  1. Sorry for the slow reply.....


    I'd go for the 401, you can find them for less than $100 even from places like REI, I got mine for about $20 after REI's 20% sale, and they already had them marked down, then on top of that I had my dividend to spend.


    I don't use it that much be we occasionally have "Milsim" games and I often "try" to play RTO and need that kind of info to give to command. I highly recommend replacing the original strap, I got the LBT one for dirt cheap... but 215 and FerroConcepts also make very nice holders. I do use it when I go hiking though especially as some parks around here you can go off trail....


    Sweet, I'll go with the 401! Can't say I've seen them for less then $100 though, not sure where you found them for that price (REI says $175 but I do have the dividend and 20% off). I like the LBT one, I just gotta get down South Side to get one. Thanks!


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