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  1. a rough beginning to my PJ impression. I know I have too many mag pouches but it makes my loadout skirmish-able. Things i will add eventually: -CB Pack -CB One-point sling -Rappel Harness -Standard M4 with regular gas block and front sight etc. Anything else I should add/take away?
  2. Does anyone know who makes/what is that Backpack?
  3. Here some photos I found on MilitaryPhotos.net ------------- Also, what kind of Pack is this?
  4. Nice gear, and nice place. ...It looked like your buddy right behind you didn't check your corners.
  5. Nice but take a regular picture. (inside thing)
  6. Two Questions about PJs- What are the rappel harnesses called, who makes them and were can I get them? What boots are they wearing?
  7. She is finished. But I might switch the VFG up. How do you guys like?
  8. Could this qualify for a PJ/CRO Impression? I'd like some suggestions.
  9. My TM M14 When it's done it will sorta look like this:
  10. It looks like a MBITR type Radio Pouch. BTW- Nice setup Pulng.
  11. What is the name of that scope on the 416?
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