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  1. I've not used these but I've heard good things about this brand and I've been meaning to get one to see for myself https://www.egtactical.com/home/275-419-a-aevolutiongear-2020ver-exps3-0-sight-l3-eotech-marking.html#/41-color-fde
  2. Whilst I'm not interested it might be worthwhile putting a price up for how much you want for it.
  3. Hey @groundhog-shooters what rail do you have on the M4?
  4. Try the AresAlpha app. It seems to be doing what you're asking for. Although, word of note, I have never used it I'm only going on reports from friends.
  5. There are still a few places selling airsoft weapons so it should help a little. I'm more worried about sites, they're reliant on the player numbers and most operate with very little profit.
  6. Just your average run of the mill TM416. Only bought the *frootcagio* 2 weeks ago.
  7. Hey Arnie, whats the pricing for the Guay2 Ak104 and the E&L AK?
  8. It may not be as flashy as some other rigs but it's mine and I like it! Flyye 6094 in RG with a Ferro concepts cummerbund, TMC GP pouch and Esstac Kywi triple mag pouch.
  9. As an Irishman I find that offensive!! My TM recoil is worth at least 5 potatoes...
  10. Took a wee while to get the finally get happy with my build externally, I just need to work on some internal bits. It's a TM NGRS M4 with Dytac SMR MK4 rail, vision king short dot, FMA PEQ and Element surefire replica.
  11. Had my first game in '99 then back regularly in '05. Keep taking small breaks here and there but I always end up back.
  12. Been looking forward to getting the TM G19 since it was announced many years ago. It's snappy and fun to shoot.
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