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  1. I'm glad to see the Glock 19 finally being released in October! I'm gonna have to wait until the new year but I'm really tempted.
  2. badwitchproject

    Tokyo Marui NGRS compatible rail systems

    If it's of any interest I have one of the rails from a TM NGRS sitting gathering dust. I'd sell it for a decent price if you're tempted?
  3. badwitchproject

    Dragonredairsoft.com dead?

    Yeah their helmets were of better quality than some of the other replicas. I think Tiger111hk are doing most of the stuff DragonRed used to do, have you checked them out?
  4. badwitchproject

    Dragonredairsoft.com dead?

    Ordered and paid for a BDU set last year, after a month of waiting and no responses I finally got my money back from paypal. I've heard similar stories on other pages and reddit. I'm not sure why but they do seem to have vanished.
  5. badwitchproject

    The C02 GBB Sten is (almost) here...

    Woah woah woah! I've yet to find this thing called a life. I'm still not sure what it "is".
  6. badwitchproject

    Flyye 1961a

    Flyye 1961 in (the ever fashionable) Ranger Green. Fantastic bit of kit, hasn't been used and is just gathering dust. Comes with the head torch, the headband snapped so it's taped into place but it still works. Has a light beam, high beam and strobe function with the red cover. Looking £60 posted (first class recorded) or £55 if you can collect it in Belfast.
  7. badwitchproject

    The C02 GBB Sten is (almost) here...

    *fruitcage* sake, I'd promised myself no more just no more. Then this, gosh darn it. Anyone interested in buying a horribly abused liver or kidney?
  8. badwitchproject

    AI Mike40

    You just know some guy is gonna rock up to a site with a revolving grenade launcher and bunch of these just because he can. An that d**ks name will be Frank, king of the *rickrolls*. It's a cool idea but I can see a few indoor sites banning these.
  9. badwitchproject

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    My clawgear MKIV trousers arrived. Hmmm flecktarn goodness.
  10. badwitchproject

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Finally got my TM Recoils to the point where I am happy with them. Not that will last, there's always a change or something new I'll buy for them. https://imgur.com/a/suMmX
  11. badwitchproject

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    My VPN has been caught by Netflix so I haven't been able to use the US site which is annoying as *fruitcage*. The UK version seems to be more inferior. Any recommendations?
  12. badwitchproject

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Shmook, I wish your wee lad all the best and a quick recovery. It may not be much of a consolation but children are incredibly resilient and bounce back quickly. I saw that with my nephew at that age as he had heart issues. Take care.
  13. badwitchproject

    Dragon Red

    Has anybody placed an order with them recently and received it? I've ordered a set of Allwin Multicams but not had any response. My previous order, a few years ago, was processed quickly enough for a HK retailer. Upon checking the website a few reviews are from people complaining about orders not being processed. Anyone had any success with them?
  14. badwitchproject

    Navy SEAL Discussion/Pictures

    Lord Sex occasionally posts on his facebook page, but he says he is far too busy these days. It's a shame he did some awesome loadouts.

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