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  1. I just got into a Photoshopping binge lately, and while I've never used photoshop for it's...original purpose (usually just for drawing), it's horribly addicting. And I searched around this forum a little bit to see if anyone else had started it, and as far as I can see, no. If I am repeating a thread though, totally my bad. I'm...also not entirely certain if this thread is fine here. o.o




    Usually, the extent of photoshopping I see in the pics threads revolves around blurring faces or adding a filter or two to an already really nice photograph. That's fine and all, but from time to time I like to see some variety. So, anyone out there with photoshop, I'd love to see what you can do with your airsofting photos.


    Here's the one I have so far, but I plan on doing a few more.




    The fireballs I had to render; the explosion I just took from a google image. I would've added a tank behind me, but the line of weeds back there acted like a wall, and anything I put in front of it looked terrible.

  2. I am too broke to even consider buying more equipment, so completing the loadout may take a while. Hate paying for all my college funds <_< >.<


    I took a pic of this guy at Anime Expo. All I have to say is he must be sweating his balls off!


    *Post from first page*


    Yeah it's from the first page, but I have to know: How the hell did that guy get that gun past peacebinding?

  3. .



    And no slight meant to anyone with this post- clearly some people want the 'fresh-out-of-the-box' look- Maybe your afraid of 'ruining' it, or don't feel your creative or handy enough to pull it off- I don't know. Maybe you don't care to do the research required to see how real guns wear and look after years of use- again, I don't know...


    All I can say is that I prefer my guns to look pristine. To me, weathered guns (weathered anything for that matter. That is, actually weathered) remind me of every time I was an idiot.


    Say...and this is purely hypothetical, that I see a room of enemy soldiers that I could easily get the jump on. So I have my pistol out to really drive the point home, and as I jump out from the door way, my sling snaps off because I didn't secure it properly, and my gun clatters to the floor. Now there's a big scratch down the barrel because of my own idiocy.


    You guys might be good enough to weather your guns -artificially- and have it look great, but people like me weather their stuff naturally through sheer stupidity xD.

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