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    Operation Spring Break is a 24 hour event that will be held at Rype village, Lydd, Grid Co-ords 50.947113,0.898325 Postcode TN29 9JD on the south coast on 22rd to 24th of April. It will be the second time any large numbers of airsofters will have been allowed to play the site as it is in near constant use by the army for troop training prior to deployment. The site has over 130 buildings including a shanty town, modern housing estates, a shopping mall and fortified complexes; there really is something for everyone. There is also pine woodland and scrubland for those who want to be at one wit
  2. Mexico City has been described as the modern kidnap capital of the world so when well known botanist Fredrick Flowers decided to investigate the reports of a new variety of Lupin in the hills to the east he decided that it would be best to secure the services of some private contractors to ensure his safety. So he approached Erik Prince, the American founder of the private security firm Blackwater Worldwide to provide security. Unfortunately news of his expedition has found its way to some of the kidnap gangs most notably the El Nachos normally being protected by a contingent of Blackwater
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