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  1. Are there any magwell conversion kits that works with this? I really want to run this with STANAGS, because G36 mags are far too bulky for my tastes. Also, can I confirm that apart from the blowback mech this is a V3 gearbox with all the associated compatibility? It seems that a change of gears and re-shimming is de rigueur for this gun.


    EDIT: for grammar

  2. As a side note, do not try to put CO2 (like from a paintball tank) into these mags as they will explode (don't ask how I know) and seem to be made from pot metal.

    That goes without saying. There's a difference of a couple of hundred psi between green gas and CO2. Thats why green comes in a fairly light can and CO2 is stored in containers a few mm thick.

  3. It's a madbull RIS (This product) where I reamed the inner diameter for mount this part on the gas block part.

    I also ripped the top rail and I made two notchs with a saw and a file (need a lot of patience! :D )

    I also cutted the small gas block on the barrel part, then I filed the barrel's seat for obtain a steady cylinder.


    I hope you understand me... :unsure:

    Thanks :D


    I know where my student loan will be going when it comes through lol

  4. I'm very interested in how you built that replacement gas block rail thingy. Its essentially what I wanted with my AUG but I ended up just using a short barrel mounted peice of RIS to attach the hand grip. Your gun looks brilliant anyway, love the paint :).

  5. Why on earth buy Marui AUG, when you can get CA AUG? 7mm improved box, ect. ect... Istead of 6mm Nylon bushing, yak. :(

    Because they aren't available in Japan. Copyright law and all that. TM are pretty much the only manufacturer you can get. Other companies import bodykits and part IIRC but complete AEGs infringe on the patents that TM has in Japan. They are taking out international patents on some of their newer models as well now, but I doubt that'll stop the Chinese.


    I've got my AUG updated (finally) so I'll put pics up as soon as I can find my digicam.

  6. Ah yes, I see where I messed up. In the states, we use periods instead of commas, where commas breaks up numbers when they are big.

    Technically we use an interpunct, like so · but everybody uses periods when typing because its easier than remembering alt+0183.

  7. How do you get your pictures to look like that? They somehow look unreal, like they're really CGI rather than photos. I'm guessing you have a good light setup to get such even colours and theres some photoshop magic involved.

  8. Scope looks like its modelled after the low magnification tasco sights like this sort of thing. Which is what I'm getting soon as I think the rail hugging look works better on an AUG than a normal scope with mount rings. I'm also going to be removing my grip because it wobbles too much for my liking, but I'm going to replace it with a barrel mounted grippod.

  9. nice battery pouch, is it homemade?

    Nope. Its from ehobby asia here. I was just browsing around and it looked like an excellent way of shoehorning a massive battery onto an AUG without a battery sling. I dimensioned it using photoshop but it wasn't quite as big as I thought, hence the modifications required, an 8.4V large would be a prefect fit though.

  10. does the pouch get in the way oh and what vest is that?

    I assume you mean the dump pouch in which case no. Unless its full, but if it were I'd be out of ammo at which point I'm less bothered about that and more interested in getting somewhere safe to reload :D


    The vest is this one but I got it new on ebay for £100. Its my most expensive bit of gear but its definitely worth it IMO.


    Molto-Mario: My fleck is from that site and its excellent quality. Slight fading but all the stitching is intact and very sturdy. They were all "issue new" which is I assume equivalent to grade one. Personally I don't think the boonie was worth having but that's more personal tastes than anything else. Apparently the KSK gear is worth the price but I don't have any personal experience with it.


    Hope that helps :)

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