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  1. Try this one? https://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/raf-pilot-teach-cyclists/ Or search for John Sullivan RAF.
  2. They didn't see you mate! Why though is pretty interesting. https://www.portsmouthctc.org.uk/a-fighter-pilots-guide-to-surviving-on-the-roads/
  3. Yes it is. Got it 3 years ago though.
  4. Did this one a few years ago during a Glock phase. Guarder steel slide and HK3P frame. And two of the others.
  5. G34? Had your old USP out for a dance the other day. Still runs fine and mags hold gas.
  6. Series: Loaded, episode: Watto's Mum. Starts out with Barra Barra playing in the background and a re-enactment of the hunt for Bin Laden. Looks like a AKSU-74 and a 416.
  7. It's fine. The neg reviews about the lock are from folks who would do better with a fidget spinner than a knife. But that said the Techno 2 or whatever it's called will be more awesome from Slysz. All real. Not a Pingo though; SpydieChef. Yojimbo is super nice, very fast to open and close with that lock.
  8. Cool collection of sandbar knives! Just when I think I`m out they pull me back in!
  9. Nice snag on the Tuff! This is all I have new; a Northwoods Hawthorne Jack. Lurking like a trapdoor spider for some of the Spyderco mid-season release models.
  10. You want to be really careful with the AG tube that when you thread it back in you're not cutting the O-ring. You can get away with a tiny bit bigger than the original but not much. I also give the threads a wrap of teflon tape.
  11. Northwoods Fremont Jack; mammoth ivory scales
  12. Not sure what your supply line is like in Sweden but for most of the springs I just run normal AR hardware. I got a little kit of them in this nifty box.
  13. OK taking a break for a while.
  14. Well they probably won't do a Swick or Tuff spring so the value should keep creeping up.
  15. Ok we're back to life! Got my first PM2; a Blade HQ special. M4 steel and translucent G-10. Also have had a little side foray into traditional knives with some GEC beer scouts. Also had a Manix 2 XL with glow scales come in the door. Have a Massdrop Dragonfly on the way and a GEC #85 SFO with Micarta scales. Photos pending!
  16. Red Dawn re-enactment; 36 hour continuous event. Blue side aprox same strength. VIP escort at the end of day 3 and group shot on day one prior to the safety brief.
  17. OP Red Dawn, this time the good guys won! Padova City Kamloops. Abandoned hospital complex. http://www.filmthompsonnicola.com/tranquille
  18. New for airsoft; plywood-tarn.
  19. Yes it is! Very nice except the installing the battery bit. About to put in the flat hop.
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