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  1. Bought a GBB pistol from him. Would buy from again, good seller and great communication.

  2. ayyno

    SIG Picture Thread

    Wrap your battery in black electric tape. If there's one thing I hate about 552s(I love them, I have a TM) it's the colorful battery showing through. I don't have any pics of just my sig, but I do have this...
  3. ayyno

    SIG Picture Thread

    Just a KJW, but put a little time and uh "lovin" into it
  4. ayyno

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    It's a nice paintjob and all...I would never do that though... What did you paint it with?...airbrush?
  5. ayyno

    SIG Picture Thread

    I miss my 226
  6. ayyno

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Yep! Working my way up to 100 posts But yeah, someone already had Thunder as a name here. Thanks though, and DUBOIS, I cut stencils out with masking paper and an x-acto knife, and lightly dusted the whole thing with black/brown to give it a sandblasted/dirty look.
  7. ayyno

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    At least give them a little dusting of OD or something Here's some of my older ones...
  8. ayyno

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    What do you have against SR25s?! Ahahah As long as your do an SR25 right...they're great
  9. ayyno

    M14 Picture Thread

    If you're gonna put the time and money into an M14, make it look good at least... Here's my M14 through a few stages in it's life.

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