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  1. May have just bought a GBB G36. Now that horrible waiting game for it to arrive.

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    2. scorch


      May well do. I know I definitely want that stock on it. The original is too vanilla, and the IdZ is ugly as sin.

    3. ollie_ty


      Scorch try and get the SRC KV rail. Its great quality, and you can order straight from them I think.

    4. scorch


      Cheers fella, I'll look into it.

  2. Why do the MOD police have to use such a stupid looking configuration on their MP7? It was such a promising loadout idea too...

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    2. TheFull9


      I once tried to get on to a USAF base guarded by MoD plod toting SA MP7s. In my gun geek distraction I showed them a hotel key card in my wallet instead of my ID. They didn't like that much.

    3. PureSilver


      Skarclaw, hitmanNo2 - Never seen them with suppressors in real life, but look at the photo renegadecow posted from the BTPHG - http://www.btphg.org.uk/Images/2012/07/Ready-for-patrol-2012.jpg; that looks like a can to me.

    4. hitmanNo2


      Ah yeah. I didn't look at that link. Pretty sweet.

  3. It's ok, American Horror Story. I didn't want to go to the circus ever again anyway...

    1. Leshy


      Just started watching the first season, its good not great. Hope it improves.

    2. scorch


      Each season is different. The new season focuses on a 50's carnival freak show. Last season was a coven of witches.

    3. hitmanNo2


      First season is excellent. Took me a couple of eps to get into. Dat young maid mmmmm. Season 2 didn't really grab me though and I haven't gotten round to S3 yet. A lot of catching up to do heh.

  4. Any games on this Saturday?

  5. Just ordered a TRMR. :)

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    2. scorch


      Bang! ...And the Opfor is gone!

    3. FireKnife


      Where is Barry Scott now? And who is he?

    4. Habakure


      He became dirty and, well . . . . the irony was not lost on him.

  6. Just spent £130 on a pair of tyres, plus whatever it will cost for fitting... And I wanted a new gun too. :(

  7. The wind is really giving it some. Should make the ride home with a hamper strapped to the back of the bike "interesting"

  8. So glad there is only one Monday a week.

    1. Gunmane


      "Every day is a Monday, you just see a name change on the calender, that's all."

  9. Have a girl coming round at the weekend wanting me to teach her to shoot. She wants my Koch...

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    2. hwagan


      I'm surprised noone has suggested getting her to touch your glock.

    3. scorch


      Don't have a Glock. But my Koch is huge enough. (Mk23)

    4. Mirska


      Remember to clean and lube it.

  10. that strange moment where wondering what will happen next makes you feel amazing...

  11. nothing going on today at all... may go get a cold beer and get in the pool for an hour or so...

  12. why do PC users want to turn everything into a pissing contest?

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    2. airsoftg36c


      Lol... I haven't made anything into a pissing contest, and I live on my PC.

    3. danielsilva


      You live in your PC ? You either a HUGE tower or you live seriously cramped ...

    4. Lone_Bullet


      I respect console players, but I think of consoles as too arcadey. Consoles made the old Rainbow 6 games the shoot-em-up's they're now. I generally feel like developers feel the need to dumb everything down for consoles. I feel games now are about the massive "WOA the graphics!" factor and not about the long therm fun they used to be... because of consoles. But what can I do? :) **Nostalgic**

  13. today, I got told I looked like Gordon Freeman. Win.

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    2. FireKnife


      That isn't a good thing, why would anyone want to look like Brad Pitt?

    3. TheFull9


      I dunno, but he's had some pretty good looking girlfriends so it can't be all that bad.

    4. scorch


      The lab coat I was wearing probably helped tbh. ;)

  14. wonders if people will start panic-buying TM stuff.

  15. Just been made a marshall at my local.

    1. Shriven


      Not as fun as you think it is :P

  16. Girlfriend has just bought "Just Dance 2", hilarity to watch.

    1. Leshy


      laughing!!! you should be popping smoke and laying down covering fire to aid your escape!!!

    2. scorch


      keeps her happy. simple things eh? ;)

    3. L4byr1nth


      Plus you get to watch her jiggle along to it - good drills, might have to steal that one and see if it'll fly with my g/f.



  17. Have you ever facepalmed so hard you left a handprint on your face?

    1. renegadecow


      Facepalmed so hard once, left a faceprint on my hand.

    2. Gunmane


      Every day of my life...

  18. anyone know where i can sell some old air pistols?

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