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  1. While I will always have a soft spot for the Desert Eagle, I have to say the XDm takes the crown for me.

    The performance from the new style widebore blowback unit is phenomenal, and the mags are a dream to service. 

    Also, the ambidextrous followers the mag... why didn't they implement that in everything? No more mucking about making sure the bbs stack from the  correct side.  

  2. On 7/4/2020 at 10:47 PM, amateurstuntman said:

    I am on a diet,


    Now I am fat and hungry all the time.


    I'm also on a diet. I am mostly feeling fat and hungry all the time too.


    I have discovered the "Pinch of Nom" cook books which are a godsend though. I'm actually getting back into proper cooking as opposed to lazy "from the freezer or a jar" cooking. All the meals are sub 400 calories and taste fantastic. Last nights grub was satay chicken which tasted better than the takeaway. 

  3. Been away from my online presence for a bit while sorting some things out. Got my head straight now though. 

    So, first post here in a couple of months, where do I start? Covid19 is . Lack of airsoft is . I still, so far, have a job though which I'm grateful for. And my car hasn't yet shat it's gearbox out like people told me it would, so that's a plus point. How's everyone else keeping?

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  4. 23 hours ago, NonEx said:

    Here are some pics of the full-auto switch. I am not a fan of that myself just because I don't want full auto and having that mechanism crammed in to the slide and BBU is like asking for unnecessary wear and parts breaking. 

    It's not a massive issue on a G18C, and this switch looks to be smaller and lighter than the one on those. Shouldn't be a problem.


    There's 6 already on preorder for my team, mine being one. I can't see the rest of my guys being far behind if they're as good as they look.

  5. 49 minutes ago, Hedganian said:

    I'd like to get into 3D printing, but haven't got the space or money to get a printer, the materials or the software. Nor do I know anything about 3D design.

    It's on my list of 'things to spend a windfall on' - but it's behind a *lot* of other, more important things.


    At the minute I'm using tinkercad. Its online software and it's very straightforward. If you want to have a go at 3d design it's free to use.

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  6. I like Symbiosis.

    Also, nothing good ever comes from answering distress calls. They're nowt but hassle.


    EDIT: Bought a car. Its ace. (Shiny red Mini One, with black stripe. Fantastic condition and low mileage for its age.)

    Also, got given a 3d printer. All my VSR mags now have mag pull tabs on them and I'm designing a mag stacker for the H8R revolver. 

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  7. 14 hours ago, Gunmane said:

    I'm too *suitcase* with a dremel to mod a SR-25 piston, and then if I get it all working (also rewired it with gate wiring for nanoasr that is totally not too thick for the damn thing...) I have to decide if I want to *fruitcage* with the hop up and barrel and get a promy 650mm tightbore and modify hard bucking flat hop.  Spent most of my weekend fiddling with all these and again I never want to but another replica again after seeing this *suitcase* (the svd doesn't even have the screw that is supposed to hold the hop up unit to the outer barrel apparently).

    I dobt have a screw holding the hop to the outer barrel either. It's just fitted with a spring like an M4 hop would be. (Although a much chunkier spring)

    I had to dremel a piston to fit mine. It's not too bad to do, and you dont have to be that precise really. Just take your time and keep the piston cool while cutting the steel so you don't compromise the plastic. Cut in short stints, and sponge on some water. Remember to dry fit with the sector gear to check your clearance and you'll be fine.

  8. 12 minutes ago, amateurstuntman said:

    Nothing has made a difference.  I keep having to be the one doing the work to stay alive while they zoom around in their unnecessarily big, leather upholstered metal boxes.



    Same on a motorbike. My headlight is like a miniature sun on the front of my bike. Have still had people pull out on me, usually because they're twatting about with a phone/satnav/stereo/passenger.


    I actually saw one driver eating a bowl of cereal once. That was the day I realised it really is all on me to get home safe.


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  9. Bloody Landwarrior.

    My friend preordered the new TM Mk46, and I got him to stick me a H8R on the order too. Now they've shipped the Mk46 but saying the H8R is out of stock despite them being in stock at the time of order. 

    They sat on part of the order to save themselves some shipping, sold the item that was paid for, and now they are paying twice for shipping anyway and I have to wait until they are back in stock before I get my new gat. And its bloody likely it will miss this months game day.

    Very miffed.

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