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  1. Just had one of my notions rocked. I'd always been told that the old Marushin gas guns were legendary. I'd had this notion since I started airsoft. Just received a Marushin M1 carbine for a friend of my girlfriends, since it was in the UK and he's coming to GZ and after checking it over to make sure it got here ok I'm a little disappointed. It feels too light. Too toy-like. Glad its not mine tbh.
  2. May end up keeping this cat. She's getting along better with our own kitten now, after a little trepidation and initial hissing. Have provisionally named her Harriet Bojangles, or Haribo for short. Still, would be nice to get her home where she belongs.
  3. Found an injured and quite distressed kitten last night, couldn't be any more than 3 months old. She's lovely, and we don't mind looking after her since she was quite clearly lost and couldn't find her way home, so we put up some "found kitten" signs around the neighbourhood and round the perimeter park since we live on the edge of a country park. Less than 4 hours, and some little scrotes have ripped half of them down. Seriously, what is the *fruitcage* point in that? Absolutely no gain from it, yet they're potentially depriving a loving family of their lovely kitty.
  4. We're a massive team, but this is the core, unit in the "Northampton Squad". I'm on the far left, then Rufus, Ptoksik, Squigglepig, and Arioch Grey. (edit. wasn't a staged photo either, we didn't know till days later it had been taken.)
  5. Nice try, but no. I've been, shall we say, not in a position to do that since waaay before I started drinking.
  6. I know someone who caught their foreskin on barbed wire. He was drunk and fell while taking a leak on a camping trip.
  7. Where did the bowl come from?
  8. If you bake a cake, you can't put it on the table to cool if the table isn't there if you get what I'm saying?
  9. But surely before that, space had to exist for him to put it in right?
  10. I live in England. I feel foreign.
  11. At the War and Peace show I finally managed to buy my first genuine CADPAT item. Can't wear it though.... It's a bivvy bag.
  12. anyone know where i can sell some old air pistols?

  13. I filled out a government form today that had English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish as options for nationality, so it would appear that it is reasonable to think of yourself as such.
  14. I find it quite presumptuous of them to assume that some starving kids or rare animals or whatever is more important than what I'm up to in town that day. On the whole, I'm not really doing anything important at any point, but I resent the assumption. Also, if I'm walking around with headphones on, I generally don't want to be bothered. Take the hint.
  15. You're a stripper? Stripping to pay your field fees? Sounds like a twist on the old "college" cliche.
  16. I just had to go down to the postal delivery office on foot (cause some bint hit me and wrote off my scooter) to pick up a parcel that was late (and thus we weren't in) and then it starts raining harder than it has in months. And then it stops just as I get to my door. Typical. On the plus side, the package was lipo batteries for me and the girlfriend's guns.
  17. Is it still a generalisation if its true?
  18. Halo 3 : ODST The only game I've ever seen on a next gen console that DOESN'T auto-save. Guess who just wasted 3 hours.
  19. Yesterday, I was mostly hating the Moto GP. Bloody traffic was horrendous because of the bikes, and they didn't even get caught up in it. Roundabouts barely made for 2 cars to go abreast simply cannot be taken safely when there's a constant stream of bikes between them, thus backing up all the traffic that isn't a bike and doubling my journey to and from site. I'll probably get a light touch of the old internet flamethrower for this, but I really wanted to hang out the car window with a screwdriver and start gouging the pretty paintwork off anything that moved.
  20. My girlfriend is a database developer, so we named her SeQueL. (SQL being a database language) She doesn't quite fit in there any more, which is a shame as she quite liked being carried around the house and being closer to whatever I was doing. She loves watching Farscape with me too.
  21. Professor Green ft. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green
  22. Take a backpack to the shop. Its significantly less likely to shed your shopping halfway home due to being made of little more than clingfilm. And it leaves your hands free for other stuff, be it texting, using an iPod, or wielding brass knuckles and nunchucks to fight your way through the masses of chavs that seem to be everywhere.
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