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  1. Just asked her. Vestibular migraines is what it is. She was referred by a neurologist.
  2. Some sub type of migraine I think she said. I'll be honest, it went right over my head.
  3. Girlfriend has had a series of tests, and it turns out she needs special glasses... with £200 quid orange lenses. Given her propensity for sitting on/standing on/dropping her glasses, this could be a very expensive game.
  4. Theres a small hard pad over the next knuckle down, and the kevlar fabric is fairly thick. I've not taken a hand shot in them yet, but I reckon they'd take out the worst of it.
  5. I'm using Armoured Claw gloves. Goat leather palm, touch screen compatible thumb and index finger and kevlar back. Armoured knuckle, but you can take the hard shell out if you dont want it. Very good gloves in my opinion. Bought them from gunfire.pl and split the postage with a mate. They ended up at about 18 quid iirc. Edit for link: https://gunfire.com/en/products/armored-claw-smart-flex-tactical-gloves-black-1152213945.html
  6. Watching The Expanse, spotted a gun which looked like a dolled up WE racegun XDm. I'll see if I can grab a screenshot.
  7. Is it? I thought it was "pressure bearing parts" that were under restrictions.
  8. So after picking up a mauser carbine dead cheap, I decided to get the pistol. I'd also struggled to find magazine pouches for it that'd hold the long mags, and would go with a leather belt and holster. Picked up this pouch for a couple of quid off ebay. It was very pale tan, and in pretty rough shape. A good wash and scrub took the mildew off and after being braced with some plastic while it dried it was an acceptable shape again. A bit of boot polish to finish up and it looks quite lovely.
  9. Quick question for any Broomhandle/M712 guys. What magazine pouches are you using for the long mags? I'm after some brown leather ones, cant find any that I'm confident will fit.
  10. The bit with the bearings your handlebars and forks pivot on.
  11. It's pretty common stuff in the plumbing merchant world. We've had our place scoped out, and the last place I worked at was watched for a bit too. Basically the idea is you won't know who else is a potential customer unless you know who's shopping with the competition. So you have a gander at their shop for a bit, write down some names and numbers, then ring them up and say you've seen their van about, where do you shop, are you happy with them, what do you fit, can we quote you on some stuff, etc etc. It's just as effective as going through the yellow pages because you'll know where
  12. Ugh. Boring job today. Sat in my car opposite one of the competition's shop scouting out which customers are shopping there. Frankly it's a detestable task, but it's just one of those things you do. At least I get paid to sit in my car and read a magazine. Coffee cup is empty though.
  13. After sweating my testicles off at the NAE, I thought I'd get one of them slick looking 5.11 tactical duty kilts which I've seen about. Apparently not. Everywhere is out of stock, and it seems they're not making them anymore. Bugger.
  14. I know what you mean, it did go a bit squiffy for a couple of years, but we were there primarily for the camping. This year I feel was the best year yet. Besides one angry delta dude that offered to "batter" a guy for some imaginary slight everyone was very friendly. Had people coming past on the way to the dead zone complimenting our shooting and play.
  15. Picked up a mint condition WE M712 Mauser carbine at GZ for only 50 quid. Very nice bit of kit.
  16. I need to give it a listen. Love a bit of Slipknot.
  17. Oh man. I'm so sorry to hear that. ☹️ As Hedge says, I'm here for you if you need to talk.
  18. Honestly, it's nothing special to look at. I'll get a pic at the next game though as my airsoft room is a *suitcase* pit. For now, please accept a pic of me with a mate's M60. There was a bit of hip fire involved, as I didn't have the bipod attached. The 80s movie quips are always on point. I dont need a belt fed for that.
  19. Sorry chief. Happy to report that my M249 performed like a champ, and I managed to blow through 5,500 rounds with it in a 3hr game.
  20. Yeah, in hindsight I wish I'd stuck with it. It was just a lot of filler activities with precious little of the stuff we wanted to do. (Which now, as an adult, I realise was probably down to budget)
  21. That's why I binned it off. Same with scouts actually. Only went there twice
  22. This needs to be law. When are you running for overlord? I find it mad that people get so touchy over a vessel they no longer inhabit.
  23. I've found for a single player game of recent years, Horizon Zero Dawn takes some beating. Well fleshed out world, fantastic story and great game mechanics.
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