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  1. Just bought an M249 from a guy on site. Opened it up at home for a look, and nearly had a heart attack at the state of the wiring. Ended up chopping out the whole lot. Oh well. If I weren't prepared to fix things I wouldn't own a soldering iron.
  2. On the plus side though, you get to strut about with a sword. Pretty kickass.
  3. scorch

    Custom Gear

    And ones in my basket until payday.
  4. Maybe it's some kind of self-ghillieing suit, so you wear it and run through a bush and it covers you in fresh local foliage? Or maybe he's played too much warhammer 40k and thought spikey bits on armour is cool.
  5. Chernobyl is phenomenal. Its pulling no punches at all. And the most terrifying part is it's all true.
  6. Went for a look through the local charity shops for something gor a project I have on the go, and found a coffee grinder for £3.50. After a dismantling and thorough cleaning, it's good as new. It's not a top spec piece of kit, but it does the job exactly as it should. Picked up some beans from the local roasters too. They were roasted yesterday. Also, is anyone else watching Chernobyl?
  7. We're all here for you buddy.
  8. I have flashlights, but rather than big D-cell monsters mine are the small tactical variety. They're a bit spiky on the bezel though so I hope I dont stumble into anyone in the dark. With my 18 stone behind it, it would sure cause someone a mischief.
  9. Milspec should mean good. It really means made by the lowest bidder because half the procurement budget disappeared into brown envelopes.
  10. I feel we're massively overthinking it. With any and all sectors of public service, all you need to do is remove the opportunities to line ones own pocket and add some accountability and the problems will most likely solve themselves.
  11. Better than the macaron? That's what's in it at the minute. Unless they require a run-in of several thousand and I'm just not there yet.
  12. I got my svd running again after it ate a piston. Had to dremel a piston to get it to fit, but now the gearbox is running like a champ. Not happy with the hop though. What's good rubber wise these days?
  13. Only when it's getting sent through the post. Nobody wants glass flavoured fudge.
  14. Oh yes. Made a batch of Baileys fudge for my mother. Gonna be experimenting with some new flavours soon though.
  15. I mean, the fudge is pretty good when done but it's not a lovely relaxing thing to make. It's like stirring a pan of angry napalm.
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