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  1. Just got molten sugar on my hand. This confectionery lark is some dangerous stuff.
  2. Oh really? That's something I may look into. Since my good lady works late half the time now, I find myself eating because I cant be bothered to cook for just me.
  3. This is why people hate on polarstar users.
  4. Stood waiting for the coffee machine to finish... I hadn't put any water in the *fruitcage* thing. It's gonna be one of those days.
  5. If your coffee is strong enough, nothing will survive in it.
  6. You could well be sitting on a veritable treasure trove of domestic animal skeletons. Learn how to clean and articulate them and you could be on for some decent money. Plus, interesting new hobby.
  7. A trick I've seen before is to buff a bit of graphite powder into it. Gives it a slight metallic sheen.
  8. The bamboo ones are no better. Once the wind gets up they sound like a skeleton *fruitcage* a xylophone.
  9. Part of town is without power, and 2 panels of my fence are now having a lie down. This storm can *fruitcage* right off.
  10. My daft little car is off to the garage on the back of a trailer. Took a while to find someone willing to work on her, but now I'm very excited to get her back on the road.
  11. Good job. I got the email last week. Mines up for renewal soon.
  12. You're right. That was boring. They must have some right snowflakes as moderators.
  13. Better than yelling "It's alive! It's aliiiiiiive!!" after you hit he button.
  14. That's very similar to mine. Two tone rail gun, threaded barrel, grey magpul grips and x300 light. I'm sure I posted it a while back.
  15. I've seen people have 200 comment discussions on Facebook about what to do about the groups getting banned or deleted. When you suggest going back to the forums they react like you've suggested human sacrifice. I hope forums have a resurgence though. They're literally designed for purpose.
  16. Should try port again really. Last time I tried it I didn't care for it, but I know that tastebuds change as you get older and all that
  17. It was a screwdriver. ...which I was using as a pry bar.
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