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  1. Carcinogenic you say? Well, *suitcase*. :/ I'll add it to the list of dumbass hijinks I've done that's gonna kill me later in life. Got it cleared up. Yes it was a gloves job.
  2. I opened a dead imaging head from the laser printer at work today out of curiosity. Turns out they're full of toner. It went everywhere, and we have no vacuum cleaner at work. Trying to clean printer toner up with a dustpan and brush just creates clouds of printer toner. I looked like I had made a poor attempt at blackface. I shall continue to disassemble things to see how they work though. I'm all about that tinkerer life.
  3. Already bought a present. Prior planning prevents p*ss poor performance and all that.
  4. I have spent my morning listening to REO Speedwagon while baking the gf a birthday cake and making fudge.
  5. Yep. She genuinely loves her job though.
  6. She's working most of the day. (Health care assistant in a secure mental health unit) She wants me to go so I'm not on my own all day. I don't want her coming home to an empty house. Hopefully, it will be a dry and mild Christmas day and the bike becomes a viable option. As much as I hate motorway biking.
  7. My daft little car needs an engine rebuild. There is oil in the radiator. Which means I'm stuck with the choice of either not seeing the family at Christmas, going on the motorcycle if the weather allows, or going down with my sister and leaving my gf on her own until boxing day (Christmas day is her birthday)
  8. I control the radio at work. Kerrang countermeasures are in place.
  9. I am so excited for this. I have already started allocating funds.
  10. Well if they want to pay you to go home and sit around the house dressed like a navy seal that's on them.
  11. Rammstein tickets sold out in 2 minutes today. Already on the resellers sites for 200 quid upwards. *Ubarflock* is what people are.
  12. Playing red dead redemption 2 at the moment. Cougars will seriously *fruitcage* up your *suitcase*.
  13. Ah *fruitcage* them. Too many kids around these days anyway.
  14. There is a game on this Sunday, but I have come down with some kind of lurgy. Am hoping an evening under a blanket with a book and a glass or two of mead will sort it out.
  15. Washing machine waste pipe? If you get a decent one they tend to be quite supple.
  16. Best get that game in while you can! 😂 Congrats dude. All the best.
  17. It's not like people don't carry a lovely big flat bit of glass in their pocket these days.
  18. Yup. Mum just found out her pub is rife with it. She put a sheen of Vaseline on the flat surfaces in the toilets and next thing she's got one of the entitled *suitcases* kicking off about it. You'd have thought if you're up to no good you'd take the hint when people arent ok with it but apparently not.
  19. At the very least, I can tell you if it's still available and ballpark what you should be charged for it.
  20. Fortunately you know a nice guy on an internet forum that sells boiler parts for a living.
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