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  1. Top trader, extremely rapid to despatch. Goods as described.

  2. That'll be because there are too many internet heroes about these days I'd not take too much notice of it !
  3. Well, I had the parts through and finished wiring in one of infected's mosfets, plus converting it to deans. Only lightly raped at this time. Who knows, I might leave things as they are for once...
  4. I tend to forget what a standard (ish) rifle can look like with all the accessory laden armalites about On another note, magpul pts bits really are taking over aren't they. It kinda makes me regret ordering an MOE handguard set now, maybe I should have just gone the standard sticklebrick ris route after all.
  5. The G&P models look pretty tasty. It is a shame importing is no longer as hassle free and easy as it once was, or I'd be very tempted.
  6. Cliched, but what the hell... Have a good one everybody!
  7. Great guy to deal with - quick payment and good comms throughout. Cheers mate.

  8. Great guy to deal with - fast payment and friendly comms throughout. Thanks :)

  9. I'm not that active on here anymore after my PC died, this 3 month late reply proves it Anyway, I think we both know why your blog has the highest number of views
  10. Well, I guess it is slightly obvious I forgot all about this blog. It's a Sunday, I'm not really doing a whole lot, so I figured why not make an update entry of what I've been up to since the last entry. I love Bank Hol weekends ! Lets see... The 07 GZ weekender was an interesting and fun weekend. I haven't made it there this year unfortunately but it looked to be even bigger than the last player wise. I finally got the hassle with my written off Honda Prelude sorted in November, and bought a new car after some serious hours working. I chose an imported Starlet GT turbo in
  11. Still about then mate :P

  12. Very nice dude. Definitely well worth all the hard work in getting it to where it now is. Are you sure the hi capa itself isn't one of the wild beasts of Alaska
  13. Probably, looks identical in design to the G&G mounts for the MP5 too.
  14. I probably shouldn't have opened this thread. I am now very very tempted ! VFC really do have their *beep* together. Awesome work as usual FarEast, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed one
  15. Yup, like £50 a year in the pocket over the lude. Displacement is 1332, the alloys are a JDM brand called Black Racing from what I have been told. Sadly they were somewhat abused by the former owner not in the sense of being kerbed but by apparently never getting a clean! Even with my efforts they sadly still look pretty tatty. I plan to get them refinished at some point, and probably use them as a winter wheel, and get some nice 15's for the summer. Still, I like it a lot
  16. My new ride as I got fed up of waiting to get my insurance payout and worked enough before hand to afford it. That has now paid up at last, 5 months after the accident ! I registered it myself etc after buying direct from an import auctions place, it has been on the road for about 2 weeks now. Saved a few quid too over second hand buys already sorted out with plates etc too. It doesn't really have the on road presence of the Prelude but it shifts when need be
  17. I've noticed some rust in certain areas on my para, particularly under the bolt handle run and also inside the flash hider, as well on the trigger guard. Either sand it down and respray if possible I guess, or just leave it and hope it doesn't progress too far ! I haven't had mine outside yet either, I guess they weren't 100% rust free when painted and off it went from there.
  18. Awesome review mate, you've truely out done yourself. Unfortunately you'll have to keep to this standard now or we will all be dissapointed with you and future reviews you might write
  19. Well, I have a week off work so I have finally had the time to get mine sorted. Attached sound file of mine below. Mods: Mosfet (From Frank, aka psyphyervii) TM EG700 8.4v 1400 component shop mini batt It sounds screechy on that sound file, it isn't at all in real life - probably down to the fact I had the mic right at the end of the barrel. I'm happy enough with that
  20. It seems maybe more down to the fact you aren't happy some of us only paid £200 for a support weapon, and are happy with what we got for the money. Perhaps a wiff of annoyance then that a £200 249 can perform largely on par (with a bit of work) to a much more expensive one if more in terms of performance not looks ? As above, I find tinkering and tuning more fun than actual use in some respects, it certainly provides me more hours of entertainment generally Having also owned a wide range of manufacturer's aegs etc, I too would say while it is rough around the edges, obviously budget gets
  21. The batteries from component shop are excellent - it'd be a crime to even suggest they are anything similiar to the pos chinese one supplied ! Make sure you have the space for that though, its subc cell 9.6v which means it will be very large as airsoft batteries go.
  22. You could in reality say that of most upgrade parts though really, as at the end of the day unless you have the knowledge and practical skills to actually play around inside a gearbox and still have one that works at the end, you probably shouldn't be in there anyway !
  23. I've got the mosfet + fuse in mine now, hasn't to me at least made a noticeable difference to rof but hey ho, least the micro switch should last now. I have a replacement motor and some shims on the way to me to make the gearbox a bit smoother and get the rof up, as I'm sticking to an 8.4v mini I just want it a little higher. Still, it runs reasonably well currently, albeit a little screechy, after a proper regrease and reshim we shall see if it can get better.
  24. Indeed. I hadn't ever thought of one in an AEG, but if it has an effect in a similar way to the one on the VSR piston, it might be a good choice for those looking to make their AEG a bit quieter. The parts definitely look pretty nice - how did you come to get hold of them Snorkelman ?
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