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  1. Shard

    Polite welcome back?

    That'll be because there are too many internet heroes about these days I'd not take too much notice of it !
  2. Shard

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    The G&P models look pretty tasty. It is a shame importing is no longer as hassle free and easy as it once was, or I'd be very tempted.
  3. Cliched, but what the hell... Have a good one everybody!
  4. Shard

    Have you all given up?

    I'm not that active on here anymore after my PC died, this 3 month late reply proves it Anyway, I think we both know why your blog has the highest number of views
  5. Shard

    Over one year later...

    Well, I guess it is slightly obvious I forgot all about this blog. It's a Sunday, I'm not really doing a whole lot, so I figured why not make an update entry of what I've been up to since the last entry. I love Bank Hol weekends ! Lets see... The 07 GZ weekender was an interesting and fun weekend. I haven't made it there this year unfortunately but it looked to be even bigger than the last player wise. I finally got the hassle with my written off Honda Prelude sorted in November, and bought a new car after some serious hours working. I chose an imported Starlet GT turbo in the end, which is pretty much better in every way than the Prelude. Quicker, smaller, cheaper on tax and petrol, and a fair bit less common too which is nice. Christmas was good, more so because I had it completely free of working due to quitting my job (out of hours merchandiser at PCWorld). I started playing down at UCAP in Portsmouth from the start of this year. It is a truely superb urban site to anyone in the south looking for a dark, up close and personal game site. The site staff and players are sound,the game scenarios are a good laugh, and the ever improving game area makes it a great place to play. Up until Feb of this year I was still unemployed while I made a serious attempt to get a job related to my degree. That idea crashed and burned after 2 months searching with little to no luck. It seems in Marine Biology demand far outstrips supply and many prospective employers don't even see a BSc as that desirable. If only they told you that when you signed up. The lying dogs. March time I yielded to an ever growing need for cash (and an upcoming car tax renewal) and signed up with an agency working as a temp from March til the start of June. This was as you'd expect minimum wage *suitcase*, and not at all good in any way. 3 months, 40 hours a week, in a small windowless room sticking address labels on software update CD's does turn you slightly crazy. I'm surprised I hung on to it for 3 months, but it gave me some cash while hunting for a proper job. N.B. *suitcase* eh, that is a new one to me, I thought *fruitcage* was the only swear word subsituted... The proper job finally came to my rescue in June. I saw an ad for a company called Subspection. They deal with Cathodic Protection Services (In simple terms stopping offshore platforms and pipelines etc from corroding away) and the role I applied for was the first I'd seen that I felt I could probably have a good crack at. It also offered full training, and required a science based degree so potentially I had at least completed 3 extra years of education for something... I sucessfully got the job a week or so after the interview and started as a report writer / data processor on June 23rd. Cue 3 weeks holiday while waiting for it to start. Good stuff. My basic tasks include learning a shed load of inhouse software used to process survey data, and trying to get my head around less than simple electrochemical reactions and goings ons in order to interpret what I find, and make it into a good report for the client. It is a bit of a struggle when you haven't so much as even looked at a chemistry book since back at secondary school, but I'm getting there. Now about 3 months in to my job, it is going pretty well, though there is still a hell of a lot to learn and lots of questions daily from myself to just about everyone else. Unfortunately the senior report writer is leaving in a week taking 7 years of experience and knowledge with him, which will make things a little less comfortable than they have been for me up to now. In a further 6 weeks the second report writer is off travelling for 3 months leaving me to go solo in the office. I'm more than a little nervous about this but I guess we will see how things go. I've also as a requirement of my job had an offshore medical examination, a shed load of immunisations for various diseases (inc yellow fever, hep a & b and typhoid all at once the first time) just in case I have to travel offshore somewhere in the world for a job, and in 2 weeks have a 3 day offshore survival course where I get to learn how to fight fires and escape from a simulated submerged helicopter crash amongst other activities. Good stuff Airsoft wise I've been playing more regularly than ever, at least once a month since the start of this year. My M249 para is fully sorted and running a dream now at over 1100 rpm @ 320fps My MP7 still needs a new cylinder head, I might well sell it after I fix it up as it doesn't get enough use. My MP5K is up for splits as I fancy a change and it has seen better days cosmetically after a years hard service. As usual more money tempts more purchases and once again I'm considering changing my loadout or buying more shiny things...the same as always. I think that about covers it.
  6. I take it from the apparent lost of a few minor items you had a good weekend then mate ?
  7. So you won't take £50 for a glock then ? What about £50 and a pack of polos ? (Only half eaten) Muppets, some kids need to learn that not having enough money means you can't buy something until you do. Either that, or I really have been going about things wrong for quite a while... ....reckon we can take a trip to lyndhurst and pick up a 360 Spyder for a couple of grand ? Keep up the good work buddy
  8. Shard


    Hehe, I think my urges to have any sort of half decent performing car are fast going bye bye in favour of something less pricey, which will leave me more £££ for other things. And there was me hoping to at least get a car that could do 0-60mph in 10 seconds or under On the plus side, it is now official that I shall become a permanently employed PC world chappy, so I shall have a secure income for a while now. That'll help run any car and also allow me to save some cash too which is cool How did the test go buddy ?!
  9. Shard

    Complete Turnaround.

    Nutter, but as you say it was on the list of possibilities for a while. I might have to pay ya a visit to have a chat this week somewhen mate
  10. Shard

    MP5K - sorta complete, but not that sweet

    It needed to be metal, because metal is better feeling than plastic and when it was on it really made the gun feel solid ! Shame in this case while the material was fine the making was *beep* beyond *beep* And as I said, £15 and it is yours to do with as you wish (Delivery inc, it still has to get to you and my time is obviously worth money hehe) Least my K is back to normal appearance wise now anyway, I just need to fit the 9.6v in somehow and it is a little beast
  11. Shard

    Its all about me, you see.

    It is my duty to make you spend your money Sounds like the hippy lifestyle is particularly good at the moment then Good stuff !
  12. Shard

    The end is nigh

    Yeah yeah, I have to pick the 'K up from the PO somewhen, and then fix that up first hehe. Airsoft before uni, moi ?
  13. Shard

    Pure English Brilliance

    Haha, quality He is a funny and very sick guy
  14. Shard

    This is a cheat.

    It is in your best interests to not keep reminding me of that, or I'll be designating you test guinea pig to the squeal production of an MP5K on a 9.6v at the next GZ skirm I attend
  15. Shard

    Well, why not eh

    Hehe, yeah mate, hopefully mine won't fall to the way side like many of the others appear to have done lately
  16. It's a bit of a mix with me really. I do enjoy the realism factor with GBB's (Despite our lovely climate making them somewhat unuseable for half the year), and very much like the interaction of loading each round with my VSR (Hey whats wrong with that ?!) as well as having nice looking toys, but getting to nail someone with them once a month also brings a certain grin factor too regardless of realism of the gun in question... ..even when I suck *albartroth* and get shot more myself rather than shooting other people I must admit though, the AEG noise has progressively annoyed me really, so much so that I sold my M15 due in part to it about a year ago now. However, when an AEG is really the most skirmishable option for most people, what can you do eh.
  17. Excellent stuff, the wheelbarrow's contents would be aptly proud of your useage Having now done two 11hr all night shifts and becoming semi nocturnal, they want me in tommorow (err today) for another 7 hours of fun work (Read play *fruitcage*about in the stupidly full warehouse trying to make some effort to make it any amount of tidy, and struggling to find anything you look for, despite there being thousands of quids worth of all manner of electrical and other products stacked up in there.) That plus the 2.5x pay on boxingday (a whole 10 hours of it, can I hear *ching ching*) means I should be well sorted come Jan for a fully pimped second sidearm Have a good christmas mate, I'll catch you for a beer somewhen
  18. Shard

    Wow 'hippy, really?

    I'm getting a few outstanding (sorta) debts cleared first Then its spendy spendy on various bits I have wanted for a while. Namely airsofty related
  19. Shard

    Wow 'hippy, really?

    In other news, because I too have neither a diary, or a blog of my own, I got that job yesterday Spendy time, wahey ! Glad you still managed to have fun after the wallet emptying of Thursday night
  20. Just a choice quote taken from literature I took off the Jehovah's witness guy that had the cheek to knock on my door today, so he would go away : *beep*, to think it would have been that easy
  21. I reckon we could sort you out with a suitable get out of work injury from off my shoulders mate... ... then again, I doubt you'd be the only injured party if I tried to lift you I got nailed a few too many times yesterday for my liking (5 in total for me), made more annoying that 2 of those times were via the embarrasing but pain avoiding bang method. Once as a result of a delta guy's tags not being clearly placed (on his back while walking at us), and the other by some chap called steve, who caught myself & Bozz out (Having learnt his name and saying nice one, to stop the "You cheeky *fruitcage* *beep*" that I really wanted to say from slipping out )
  22. Shard

    Flavour of the Month

    Once again your blog makes a good point, and makes me laugh too I think as well, most get all excited at the prospect of something coming out that they can't actually have yet, and all dribble over the supposed features it will have. The waiting about for it is definitely a factor in increasing the belief "it am will be da best" status of the soon to be released item. Then the hype dies off once someone gets the apparent next best thing since sliced bread, and it is found to have flaws, or isn't as great as percieved under all the hype. Not satisfied with that, people then move onto the next new gun hoping that will be "the one". Continous cycle, and definitely somewhat fad based too. I suppose that is marketing strategy in the working at the end of the day. Announce something that looks cool, make people wait, bring it out and make some cash, rinse and repeat
  23. Shard

    Topics guaranteed to ###### me off!

    Too true ! and also, spot on
  24. *fruitcage* yeah, sake #11 and chickenland celebration ftw now im off to pass the hell out
  25. I'll get the chrono down somewhen before next sunday to make sure we have it running at the 328+172 rather than 328+272

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