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  1. shidarin

    Studio Lighting

    Playing with studio lighting and my new Hurricane HK416 and my old AG36
  2. shidarin

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    For C02, I think if you had a mag or nozzle that came in at: 340 fps, 390 fps, 440 fps, 490 fps (who shoots that high?) on .2s, you'd pretty much have everything everyone could want...
  3. shidarin

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Yay! Flying receivers!
  4. shidarin

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    eep. 550-700? I was hoping we could dial it in to somewhere around 390 fps with .2s (in between the Taiwan and Hong Kong green gas versions). I like c02 better than green gas
  5. shidarin

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    And what's the expected fps?
  6. shidarin

    Artistic Airsoft

    Dangit, can't edit the above post to add:
  7. shidarin

    Artistic Airsoft

    Hmm, do these qualify? Fun with DOF
  8. shidarin

    MFR Kit

    1st Line • ATS Warbelt w/ Tactical Tailor Duty Belt • Tactical Tailor 50 and 75 series hardcases for glasses, compass and small red flashlight and red rag • Mexpedition Rollypoly MM Dump Pouch • TAG drop leg shingle with 2 EI Smoke Pouches for 2x Tornado Grenades. • Tornado drop leg holster • Locking Carabiner IFAK is on the way 2nd Line: • EI RRV with EI Hydration Carrier attached to the back. • EI 2x2 M4 Pouch • EI 2x3 M4 Pouch (I know these should all be singles for the impression.. but..) • ATS Small Upright GP Pouch (Nalgene bottle inside) • TT Small Utility Pouch (Red Rag) • Maxpedition Monkey Combat Admin (Multitool, screwdriver, pen, keys, maps, phone) • Paraclete Armor Upright GP Pocket with pliers and sharpie. Holds food. • TT small radio pouch • TT 85 series hardcase (Doesn't fit goggles Sad • Paraclete Horizontal GP pouch (red rags for others) • Locking Carabiner • Cavalvy Elite II Headset Misc: • ACM ACH-2000 Helmet with USMC issues chin strap, Replica Norotos 3 point NVG mount, ESS Striker Turbofan Goggles with Rx insert. • Galls CF gloves (these are fantastic) • Hatch Centurion Kneepads and 1 Elbowpad • Bates M9 Desert Assault Boots
  9. shidarin

    M4-S System

    Cleaned and ready to go. Shooting a little under 380 Externals • Hurricane Metal Body Adapter Kit • Guarder HK416D MBK • King Arms G17 Grip • STAR VLTOR Stock • UTG Foregrip with extra betteries • (CQB) Surefire M961 with MN11 bulb. • G&P 4x32 TA01 Replica Scope with NCstar reddot • Madbull DNTC FSC 556 Flashhider (Can't handle the recoil!) Internals • Systema 7mm Gearbox • Systema M100 Spring • Eagle Force Hummer 1000 Motor • Systema Teflon Cylinder Set • Systema Lightweight Pistol and Spring Guide • Systema Standard Ratio Gearset • CA 6.04 Inner Barrel
  10. shidarin

    20080128 AG36 Photos

    Fresh from AEX

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