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  1. Star: Pros: Trades (These are awesome), comes with barrel assembly, fits stick batteries. Very solid build. Cons: Price CA Pros: Cost Cons: Barrel assembly not included- you might need to modify yours slightly. No trades. I'm starting to see the Star ones for the cost of the CA ones though.
  2. Okay. I was referring to your speculation here: Since Matrix is just a sticker/multiple ACM companies, how can they convince WE to make steel barrels? And no, not enough people know about Evike's rebranding habits- too many people treat "Matrix" as an actual company. It should be mentioned as often as possible.
  3. Except Matrix isn't a company, it's a rebranding sticker evike puts on it's ACM brand of the month.
  4. Oops, you're absolutely right- it's etched; not engraved
  5. I dont know of any G36 that wont fit any handguard, with the exception of some modding needed for some AG36s and if you wanted to fit RS parts.
  6. @All Thanks for the compliments Really I think it's due to using the lightbox, which I made using the quite tutorial from QDRenegade found here It's a lot easier to aim and move the gun around with it closer in. That said, this gun is heavier than most so I might move it another row out just to get better weight distribution. I can fit my hand fine in behind it so that's not really an issue. Using the iron sight sizes is pretty easy with these BUIS, the 4 is the largest size, and one rotate moves it to the 1, the smallest size, pretty quickly. That said, when I use this
  7. I think so, but I can't be sure as I received it already finished. It certainly looks and feels nice
  8. Accidentally posted this in the 1911 thread, since as far as I could figure all the infinities and hicappas and whatever were just mutated versions of the 1911. I guess 2011 makes sense I got this WE Hicappa Dragon as a gift from a friend for helping them out- that's why it's engraved and stuff I use the C02 magazines
  9. Thanks Horse, I didn't know what a 2011 was. Ha That was the "I hope this fits here" I'll repost over there, maybe someone can delete my pictures. My bad
  10. shidarin

    Studio Lighting

    Playing with studio lighting and my new Hurricane HK416 and my old AG36
  11. For C02, I think if you had a mag or nozzle that came in at: 340 fps, 390 fps, 440 fps, 490 fps (who shoots that high?) on .2s, you'd pretty much have everything everyone could want...
  12. I hope this fits into this thread okay, I got this WE Hicappa Dragon as a gift from a friend for helping them out- that's why it's engraved and stuff I use the C02 magazines
  13. Yes and no. It depends on your G36 and it depends on what AG36 you buy. The CA G36 does not come with a new barrel assembly and this usually means you have to file down parts of the barrel assembly that came with your G36. The Star AG36 comes with the assembly, so no modification is needed. I do not know if JG36s fit a CA AG36 GL without modification.
  14. So did the Hurricane HK416 kits come with both the single stack "Heckler & Koch GmbH Made in Germany" and the double stack "Heckler & Koch GmbH Made in Germany Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. Sterling VA" as seen below: I think I've seen both- from two different runs? Which one came first?
  15. My new Hurricane HK416. Bought used here on Arnies. Nice ROF, downgraded the spring to just under 350. It'll see use as my back up more than likely.
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