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  1. There is still 1 spring attached - and its going like the clappers, i wonder how long it'll last - RoF went up too =]
  2. it was the ready fighter springs i was using - there were glued in place on the nozzle - and still mamanged to kill them selves =[
  3. Oh my ghey - its happened again - W.T. Actual F is going on. 4 sets of springs crushed in as many days. I give up. Is the KWA version any easier on the springs - i love this gun to bits (more than my PTW!!) when it works but this is ridiculas =/ Should maybe have stopped running it on green, but needed to to get any decent power out of it @ the temperates in Ireland - aint exactly warm =]
  4. cheers chap - nothes cut - will glue it just for double safty =]
  5. Any one know any tricks to stop the god dam spring in the blow back unit from getting crushed? Just got new internals, and rebuilt the blow back unit, 1st set of springs last 60 rounds, 2nd set last about 100rnds before getting crushed. HAve the KSC version with ready fighter nozzle. Thanks
  6. Any one know the size of Alan key needed to remove part 35 from 36 (the blow back housing screws)?
  7. Original blow back unit broke. Bomber blow back unit broke. Feed Nozzle Broke Body Broke 5th set of Blow Back Springs Broke Won't fire on Auto F.M.L Think i'll get the Taiwan Version - might last the pace on Green. =]
  8. LOL - ill take that as the best of compliments then =] got it from a kids shop - supposed to be a skateboard hlemt cover, was originally black but sprayed it - got a red one as well...................and some pigtails =P The mouth guard is from Russia - although i managed to pick one up on my local forums from a mate. No hassles with the head set at all =]
  9. Few pics from the weekend:
  10. try Mike Cripps at elite shooting centre, thats where i got mine after mine got crushed. footery wee buggers to get in =]
  11. The stalker gear is fantastic - have a few sets myself - ultra comfy Downside - 26 pockets in the trousers, i keep loosing my stuff =]
  12. swiftsilentdeadly: you have a pm There were made by a fellah on another forum - unfortunalty google won't be your friend on this one. =]
  13. its an improvement on my normal 'natural' face =D
  14. Yep - is indeed - don't fancy getting the old perly whites shot out =]
  15. knowing my luck it is. (the 'luck of the Irish' does not extend in my direction when it comes to airsoft). I was lured in by the fact my last 'standard' unit broke - and this seemed a sensible idea at the time, and the sales pitch of 'it'll last longer than your Mp7' - well i guess thats true as it killed my Mp7 - SCREW YOU BOMBER. *up middle finger* Unfortunalty i hadn't bothered to read any reviews on the unit beofre i got it, and im still trawling through the 64 pages of this thread trying to find tit bits of info
  16. Sorry late reply: Tempertaure - not sure - im from Northern ireland, so its never that paticularaly warm. Internally: Bomber CNC's Blow back unit - that broke as well - the screw that holds the pin in place, that holds the blow back springs. That unthreaded its self - so is aroldited back in. My original BB unit discintrigrated almost. Npas - im getting 280 - 300 out of it on a good day. (our upper limit is 328fps) ATM - usuing Guarder gas (black tin) - thats probably my problem
  17. no idea of how or when it happened - still works ok - so far - but for how long?
  18. Waheeeeeey all sorted - just had to use a small screw driver to push the spring down in and then put the pin in place. New problem - slap in a mag, pull the cocking lever, and the unit sticks back as if you had just emptied the mag. Take out mag, 'recock' it, and it fires forward again *groan*
  19. Finally got the trigger in - thank for the advice . I put the internal in so far, then pulled them back a a tad, just enough that they would lift up a few mills, just enough to get the trigger in, But its not sitting right and not engaging, and locked 'back' as if the trigger had been pulled - back to the drawing board. This is doing my head in, i may jump on a plane Greg, and take you up on that offer - stick the kettle on
  20. thats what ive done - wouldnt go in at all - ill try it again tomorrow with a freash head on
  21. di you put the trigger back into place before the internals, so that it sits in such a way that the internals just slide in over the top, or put the internals in place then the trigger? I cant seem to get the back of the trigger in - grrrrr.
  22. stripped and did the hop mod as best i could do, dunno if it was tight enough, but took me about an hour of different amoints of teflon. - any tips on getting the trigger back in place - fiddley we b*gger!!
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