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  1. I had this exact same problem, simple fix for me was to shake the thing for 10 minutes and the whole stock just fell apart and came off, then i just replaced the hex bold with a screw bolt and went down to B&Q to find a long enough and thin enough screw driver, it works a treat now!
  2. It seams to be working again now, i agree with Anteater i think it depends possibly on how many people are online. Thanks for the help Pablo and Anteater!
  3. The serach function is not working for me, everytime i type something in and then hit "go" it says that flood control is enabled and that i have to wait 5 seconds. If it then leave it 20,30 seconds or even a minute and hit the "go" button again the same message comes up. Any help on how to resolve this would be apprecitaed, thanks!
  4. thats one hell of a paint job
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