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  1. Held one of these ay groundzero, was fking amazing even with the wtf long barrel
  2. Its an old gun that i bought from a mate for £20 lol. Could not pass that kind of deal when its £50 new
  3. Thought before i sell it i should make a review on my awesome D-Boys SPR Mod 0 rifle sorry in advance of poor pic quality. Heres a quick pic i pulled off the net: Ok now for first impressions. Well when i got it i was amazed at the weight of it over 6kg, and with the large battery/scope/mag it was very heavy indeed. Fires very accurate using .20 and is around 380 fps when i first got it, since them i think its around 350 as i used it alot. Its a good AEG 'sniper' in both single and auto shot its not like the real bolt action thing but i li
  4. SPR, glock, ump I bought this mp5, didnt have time to take pic of it so used the guy who i bought it off pic's
  5. Good review but should of just c+p it to here, easier for users.
  6. Just finished using it at GroundZero and my pistol fell out once as the clip came un-done which was annoying.
  7. Very nice seems to be pertty accurate
  8. Great! i love the look and feel of 1911's and this one loosk epsecially great thanks
  9. Ughghg personally i hate the look of the Bz61 especially with a drum mag, just seems like such a waste of materials Great review tho thanks.
  10. Hello arnies users, Thought i may as well get all these reviews iv been meaning to do right now! This review is on a Viper tatical leg holster i bought off Airsoftworld for like £10 or £15. (was a long time ago). Pics: Personally i love it, fits on my left leg with a dream and does not really get in my way when running, crouching etc. However adjusting the strap that goes over the pistol can be a big pain as the stupid way its designed you cant make it smaller or bigger so your gun may be a bit loose when running. Also its not that big so gives your l
  11. That spas looks savage! I thought about gettign a shot gun but i didnt like the idea of having to take a shel out after like 10 shots, would get annoying and id probs get killed alot.
  12. Dam son looks like a beast assuming it weighs like one too, the manual that comes with it seems like all its doing is advertising other weapons
  13. Looks amazing, mabey just me but also looks a bit plasticy in the original pics
  14. great review with some good pics too bad the gun sucks
  15. Very nice indeed, what fps does it shoot at?
  16. For a JG gas gun it looks really good and the videos i am pretty impressed with.
  17. Very nice indeed, the battery compartment looks so much different to most airsoft guns
  18. Very hot looking gun indeed and that mod further down looked great on it.
  19. Ah alright thanks alot for clearing that up for me
  20. Just thought as there a popular company to have a section for them under retailers thanks ~2d~
  21. Is this gun like the real thing semi-auto or is it bolt action?
  22. Very nice looking pistol i must admit.
  23. Thats a really good idea, what sort of camera would you use tho like a mini camcorder or headcam or something?
  24. Great review mabey some pics
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